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Beyond Oak – Tasting the new Method & Madness releases


You know what really gets me excited when it comes to whisky ? good affordable products and… Innovative good affordable products ! And something tells me that Method & Madness new releases could be just what I’m after. Let’s try them ! 〈 Before going any further though, there’s often this common idea, well spread amongst whisky enthusiasts (and not only the ones you like …

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Why I Don’t Rate The Whiskies I Review


Grades are basically everywhere those days: from restaurants to taxi drivers, we’re always encouraged to rate every experience, every new product put to the terrible test of our ever-demanding taste buds … And whisky is no exception to the rule. Many – if not all – reviews you’ll read in blogs, magazines, books etc. often comprise this xx/100 grade. I’ve chosen not to rate the …

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Dream Dram: The Glover 22 (a Scotch & Japanese Whisky fusion)


The Glover is a stunning blended malt made up of rare Japanese and Scottish whiskies. Named after the ‘Scottish Samurai’ Thomas Blake Glover, the first foreigner to receive the Order of the Rising Sun from the Japanese Emperor, it’s a celebration of the two countries’ relationship. The man responsible for blending this extraordinary whisky, alongside Charles MacLean, is Adelphi Managing Director Alex Bruce whose own …

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Weekly Review: Old Pulteney Clipper Commemorative Edition


On the 25th of August, Old Pulteney launched its special #OldPulteneyTBT operation, honouring incredible sailing achievements in the brand’s history. Today, I’m having a look at the Clipper Commorative limited edition! The Old Pulteney was one of a fleet of 12 super yachts which departed London on Sunday 1st September 2013 on a year-long voyage around the world, stopping in the northern French port of Brest before …

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Weekly Review: Wolfburn Single Malt


Following my recent interview with Wolfburn’s Master Distiller – I promised I would publish a review of their first single malt around here. And there it is! See how I can be trustworthy sometimes… Becoming Scotland’s northernmost mainland whisky producing distillery when it released its first single malt in March 2016, Wolfburn is built just 350m away from the ruins of the 19th century distillery …

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Weekly Review: Claxton’s Auchroisk 25 years old (1991)


In the early years of Scotland’s ancient and most world-renowned industry, many merchants bought single casks of whisky and bottled them as they were, preserving their unique character and flavour. As a family-owned, independent company bound to no single distiller, Claxton’s proudly continue this ancient tradition by hand-selecting individual casks that reach only the highest benchmark. The marriage of wood and spirit in a cask …

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Dream Dram: reviewing Benromach 35 years old


Last February, the Benromach Distillery Company Ltd. has revealed one of their rarest expressions to date, Benromach 35 Years Old, an exclusive whisky crafted at the distillery before the Urquhart family, owners of leading whisky specialist Gordon & MacPhail, revived it in 1998. Handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients at the Forres distillery, Benromach 35 Years Old is an exceptional whisky with real heritage and …

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Weekly Review : A look at Beinn Dubh (Black Whisky)


It was not so much the Angels’ Share, more the “Hell’s” Angels’ Share as Speyside Distillery crossed to the dark side to launch its new ruby-black whisky – Beinn Dubh – at Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson motorcycle rally a few months ago (30 August, 2015) The single malt was unveiled to over 3,000 motorbike enthusiasts who gathered in Aviemore in the Cairngorms – the home …

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Weekly Review: Glen Scotia Double Cask


Campbeltown or Lochhead as it was earlier known, was reportedly the ancient seat of the Scottish Parliament set up by King Fergus in 503AD. Indeed the site of the Glen Scotia Distillery is built near to Campbeltown’s ancient parliament square. It is suggested that the Stone of Destiny, on which all Scottish monarchs were crowned, came from here! Towards the southern end of the Mull …

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Weekly Review: Edinburgh Whisky Ltd “The Advocate’s Batch”


I had the chance to live in the Scottish capital city a few years back and saying that I fell in love with Edinburgh would be an understatement. From all the cities I’ve visited in my not-that-long-25-years-old-girl existence, Edinburgh really stands out with its magical atmosphere, arty vibe (especially during the summer months), charming streets & shops, tasty restaurants and overall, the most welcoming people …

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