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My August Whisky Wishlist

thewhiskylady - 2015-08-02

Oh boy, time is flying! Poor-quality-beer-fuelled celebrations are in full swing in the whole southwestern area of France since a few weeks, and I didn’t even find enough time to put my white pants on and hit the smelly streets of any Basque country small-size town. Or maybe I’m just getting old and too snob to dance to mainstream electro beats anymore while trying not to lose my Ecocup. (I’m not that proud of being French when it comes to David Guetta…)

Whatever. While those crazy crowds of YOLOists must be having a blast drinking their bodyweight in sangria, I’d rather turn to finer beverages. Here’s my August Whisky Wishlist (you know how it works don’t you? For the newbies –> click on whisky names for direct links to shop!)

1. Penderyn Rich Oak (WALES)

Penderyn Rich Oak

A historic bottling from Wales’ Penderyn – the first to be released from the distillery’s own barrels. A small batch made from a marrigae of just three asks, this is rich and sweet with creamy vanilla notes.

2. The Glenrothes Vintage Reserve

The Glenrothes Vintage Reserve

A 2015 addition to The Glenrothes’ core range, Vintage Reserve is a marriage of 10 vintages ranging from 1989 to 2007. A light and easy-drinking introduction to the distillery’s range, this has a creamy texture with notes of red fruits and nuts.

3. Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony (JAPAN)

Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a blend of Japanese malt and grain whiskies from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. Presented in the brand’s trademark 24-faceted bottle representing the Japanese seasons, this is light, approachable and moreish with enticing notes of orange peel and white chocolate.

4. Benromach 2006 Peat Smoke

Benromach 2006 / Peat Smoke

Benromach Peat Smoke distilled in 2006 is part of the small number of batches of peated whisky produced at the Speyside distillery. With a level of 62ppm, this is seriously smoky with notes of liquorice, orange (without water) or grapefruit (with water).

5. Glendalough 13YRS (IRELAND)

Glendalough 13 Year Old

Glendalough’s 13 Year Old single malt is classic Irish whiskey offering enticing notes of vanilla fudge and citrus fruit combined with pepper and clove spice.

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