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If you’re a fan of Maker’s Mark, you may have heard of the “Slam Dunk” bottles. These are special bottles that have an extra wax coating on the shoulders of the bottle that touch the label. They’re not easy to come by, but they’re a unique addition to any whiskey collection. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk and sharing my thoughts on this special edition bottle.

Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk Overview

Here is what I discovered about this unique bourbon:

Product History

Maker’s Mark is a well-known name in the world of whiskey, and the Slam Dunk edition is a testament to their commitment to quality. The Slam Dunk bottles are recognizable by their extra wax coating, which Maker’s Mark calls “slam-dunk” bottles. According to a 2015 tweet from Maker’s Mark, these bottles are the result of a happy accident during the wax-dipping process.

The Slam Dunk edition is not a new product, but it has gained renewed popularity in recent years.

Price Range

The price of Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk varies depending on the retailer and location. The Slam Dunk edition was originally priced at around $35–40 per bottle. However, due to its limited availability and popularity, the price has increased in some markets.

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Tasting Notes


When I first opened the bottle of Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk, I was greeted with a sweet aroma of vanilla and fruit. The scent was not overpowering, but it was definitely noticeable. I also detected a hint of oak, which is to be expected from a bourbon that has been aged in charred oak barrels.


Upon taking my first sip, I was immediately hit with a burst of sweetness. The vanilla and fruity notes that I had detected in the aroma were definitely present in the flavor as well. As I continued to sip, I also noticed a slight spiciness that added depth to the flavor profile. The bourbon had a smooth and buttery mouthfeel that made it easy to drink.


The finish of Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk was medium in length and left a pleasant warmth in my chest. The sweetness of the bourbon lingered on my tongue for a few moments after each sip. I also detected a slight bitterness in the finish, which balanced out the sweetness nicely.


It’s not the most complex or mind-blowing bourbon that I’ve ever tasted, but it is enjoyable and easy to drink. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys sweet and smooth bourbons. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a solid 7.

Mixing and Pairing

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Best Mixers

When it comes to mixing Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk, I prefer to keep it simple. A splash of soda water or ginger ale can bring out the sweetness of the bourbon and add a refreshing fizz. For a stronger drink, I recommend using a high-quality cola or tonic water. These mixers can complement the rich flavor profile of the bourbon without overpowering it.

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Cocktail Suggestions

If you’re looking to get creative with your Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk, there are plenty of cocktail options to explore. One classic choice is the Old Fashioned, which combines bourbon, sugar, and bitters for a timeless drink. Another option is the Manhattan, which mixes bourbon, sweet vermouth, and bitters for a sophisticated cocktail.

For a more refreshing option, try a Mint Julep. This cocktail combines bourbon, mint, sugar, and crushed ice for a crisp and refreshing drink. Alternatively, you can try a Whiskey Sour, which mixes bourbon, lemon juice, and sugar for a tangy and refreshing cocktail.

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Food Pairings

Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk pairs well with a variety of foods, thanks to its complex flavor profile. For a classic pairing, try pairing it with a juicy steak or a hearty burger. The rich, savory flavors of the meat can complement the bold flavors of the bourbon.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, try pairing Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk with a charcuterie board. The salty, savory flavors of the cured meats can balance out the sweetness of the bourbon. Alternatively, you can pair it with a rich, creamy cheese for a decadent treat.


If you’re lucky enough to come across a Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk bottle, it’s definitely worth picking up. Not only are they a rare find, but they also make for a great gift for any bourbon lover. I highly recommend trying out a Maker’s Mark Slam Dunk bottle if you have the opportunity. It’s a unique and fun addition to any collection.

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