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thewhiskylady - 2017-03-03

Reviewing Bruichladdich’s Octomore 10 years old (2nd edition)

thewhiskylady - 2017-03-02
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A few months ago (nope, no need to tell me how late I am on my review schedule… shhh), Bruichladdich revealed its Troïka of Tens, including a new Laddie Ten bottling, a Port Charlotte 10 and… the all-mighty Octomore! While I really enjoyed the first 2, I wanted to tell you more around here about this latest expression (I know many of you are die-hard peatyheads so…).

This spirit was distilled in December 2005 using malt peated to a colossal 167ppm.  Filled into Fresh Bourbon and Grenache Blanc casks, it spent the next decade slumbering in P2, the ancient stone warehouse in the village of Port Charlotte, close to the western shore of Loch Indaal.

In this second edition of ten year old, the unique texture of Octomore is lifted further by the smooth, sweet fruit of Grenache and engages perfectly with the phenolic depth. Just 18,000 bottles exist, presented at 57.3% alc.vol. with a splash of Islay spring water. 18,000 individually numbered bottles only.

Want it for your collection? This way!

Nose: a warm peat cloud obviously first comes tease my nostrils, but this time, it’s a cloud and not a hurricane… Then follow cooked peaches, apricot jam, red berries damped soil, drift wood (or definitely something both briny and oaky… ), cut grass, licorice, caramel bonbons, a slight tobacco smokiness and delicious toasted marshmallows. If you were still looking for the perfect liquid companion to a summery bivouac night, don’t look any further!

Palate: Quite a thick texture, surprising mouthfeel. I thought an ouragan of peat would strike first but it actually plays second role after a nice fruity storm of orchard fruits, plum, black cherries and citrus. Burnt caramel, toasted bread, spicy hints and oak come wrap this pleasant moment up. Definitely well balanced, a hit! The longer maturation really brings more subtle tones and interesting aromatic variations.

Finish: lingering with raw coffee grounds and VERY dark chocolate.

C’mon Bruichladdich, it’s almost annoying how consistently great your products are… #IKnowImAFanGirlButCantHelpMyself



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