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Loch Lomond & Glen Scotia unveil new Global Travel Retail Range

thewhiskylady - 2016-09-01

The Loch Lomond Group is set to unveil its new Global Travel Retail (GTR) range at the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.

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The seven expressions contained in the range are a perfect example of the innovation and craft involved in the Scotch whisky styles of the Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Distilleries.

Since 2014, the Loch Lomond Group have undertaken an extensive review of the stock and branding under its stewardship and have invested heavily in creating new Scotch whisky ranges for both Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Distilleries. Distinctive new bottles and premium packaging emphasize the tradition and quality of these brands and provide a renewed reason to purchase and enjoy. Having expanded into over 90 countries globally, the time is now right to create a bespoke GTR range with the appointment of André de Almeida as Managing Director – Global Travel Retail to head up this channel.

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Colin Matthews CEO, “Travel Retail is definitely an important channel for the Loch Lomond Group and as a result we have brought in André to ensure we have the right strategy for our brands in the channel, with a core range and an appropriate route to market in line with our future ambitions. At the same time, we will need to continue to reach out and engage with consumers through our partners, as we strongly believe in the quality of what is inside the bottle given the provenance, innovation and craft involved in the production of our brands, such as Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond Scotch whiskies.”

The GTR range includes 4 expressions from the Loch Lomond Distillery that best showcase the innovation, versatility and craft of this unique distillery. The distillery has four different types of stills, enabling us to create a variety of Single malt and grain styles ensuring all Loch Lomond branded whiskies are distilled on the same site. The range includes The Loch Lomond Single Grain exclusively distilled with malted barley; Loch Lomond Signature, a premium blend which undergoes our 100 cask solera process; Loch Lomond 12 year old Single malt which has spirit from two types of stills; and Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Madeira Single malt which comes exclusively from our pot stills with the rectifying head for an exceptionally smooth Single malt. Combined with over 100 years of experience and craft from our coopers at the in-house cooperage, the Loch Lomond GTR range is unmatched in its diverse offering, consistency and excellence. The bold look in the packaging communicates the crafted nature of the brand and the unique differences in our stills, in house cooperage and production.

In addition to our GTR range, Loch Lomond also has available its Loch Lomond Original Single Malt Scotch whisky, available as an entry level single malt at an RSP of £29.99 for 1L bottle.


At Campbeltown, one of the five designated Scotch whisky regions and known as the “Victorian” Whisky Capital of the world, we find Glen Scotia Distillery. The Glen Scotia range takes its inspiration from Campbeltown and its history making Scotch whisky in the time honoured manner. One of only three distilleries in the region, Glen Scotia has had significant investment by the Loch Lomond Group to increase production, warehousing and also the creation of a stunning new shop and tasting room. The three new Single malt expressions in the range evoke the taste and regional style of Campbeltown. There are two brand new variants exclusive to the GTR channel: the Glen Scotia Campbeltown 1832, celebrating the founding date of the distillery, and the Glen Scotia 16 year old. In addition, we also have the Glen Scotia Victoriana, a combination of our finest casks chosen for their rare character and exceptional maturity finished in heavy charred oak casks from our cooperage and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks resulting in a complex yet remarkably smooth single malt and bottled at natural colour. All the expressions are bottled non-chill filtered.

André de Almeida says “This exciting new range will enable us to build for future growth. I am particularly keen to work in closer cooperation with partners that are willing to offer consumers something different and by doing so, delivering on the sense of discovery, one of the key pillars of Travel Retail.  Providing choice to consumers inherently creates a reason for them to come back to the store, which is important for all categories, and in particular for Single malt Scotch whisky where consumers tend to look for something new to add to their drink repertoire.


The Loch Lomond Group core Global Travel Retail range will be available from early 2017 with RSP’s ranging from £27 to £75.

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