My October Whisky Wishlist

thewhiskylady - 2017-10-03

An open discussion with Port of Leith Distillery’s founder

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I don’t want to read those whisky news anymore

thewhiskylady - 2017-10-05

You know what really grinds my gears? Whisky clickbaits.

I can’t remember who posted it (if you see this article, please make yourself known so that I can give you inspiration credits ;)) a few weeks ago on Facebook, but I recently came accross this status highlighting a few of those whisky-related “news” that journos seem to particularly like and that got me thinking… As a blogger, I tend to receive many press releases everyday but also check the news by myself using aggregators, which sometimes feel like reading the exact same news day after day… The overuse of adjectives like “unique” & “best” only being the top of the iceberg, not blaming the need for clickbait titles but more the lack of actual researches in the articles. I get it… I’m also the lazy one publishing press releases sometimes but hey, I still read them beforehand to make sure they aren’t opinions taken as facts ­čśë


> 102-year-old woman reveals her secret to long life: a glass of whisky everyday!

> The health benefits of whisky

> There’s less calories in a glass of whisky than in [INSERT YUMMY FOOD HERE]

> First distillery to open on/in …. since ….

> The best whisky in the world is actually Japanese/French/Irish/Taiwanese…

> Rare whisky sold for a record 264878948154878978787ÔéČ at Hong Kong auction

> It’s time to invest in whisky, more popular than gold.

> The truth between whisky and whiskey revealed

> Irish/French/Japanese/Bourbon is booming – stock-up now!

Yes, women also know their dram!


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