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I don’t want to read those whisky news anymore


You know what really grinds my gears? Whisky clickbaits. I can’t remember who posted it (if you see this article, please make yourself known so that I can give you inspiration credits ;)) a few weeks ago on Facebook, but I recently came accross this status highlighting a few of those whisky-related “news” that journos seem to particularly like and that got me thinking… As …

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5 Whisky News That Made My Week! #5


  1 –> New Release: Highland Park officially launched its 17yo Ice Edition! Aged predominantly in ex-Bourbon casks, Highland Park Ice Edition is intended to celebrate “Norse myths, legends and [Highland Park’s] Viking roots” and will be followed by Fire Edition in 2017. The expression is said to offer fresh pineapple, ripe mango sorbet, smoke, and root ginger on the nose, with peat smoke, vanilla …

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5 Whisky News That Made My Week! #4


  1 –> Business: New exclusive malted service just launched and brings the best of craft whisky and Scottish artisan delicacies straight to your doorstep (and with an entry package at 26.95£ comprising a full size bottle, this sounds like Heaven right? – wait a few months and I’m sure a complimentary basket of kittens will complete the offer)! Craft Whisky Club offers two “boxes” …

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5 Whisky News That Made My Week! #3


  1 –> CAREER: The world-famous Whisky Shop is set to open the doors of its Parisian store in the coming weeks and is currently recruiting its sales team! If you think you got what it takes, email your CV to [email protected] ! 2 –> Another career-related news this week coming from Chapel Gate Distillery who’s seeking 3 four-legged friends to expand the distillery team …

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Those statements whisky enthusiasts shouldn’t hear anymore


Sometimes, it happens that when talking whisky with a total beginner person you met at a random event or a more connoisseur friend, he/she pronounces some words that make you want to leave the place straight away and go hide yourself deep under a blanket with your purring cat, eating heartwarming chocolate cookies. I still decided to compile those dangerous phrases in an article, probably …

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5 Whisky News that made my week ! #1


I’m pleased to introduce a new weekly series of articles! This special column will go live every Friday (well, at least if there’s enough material and if I’m not too lazy couch potatoing in front of a stupid teenager show), with the aim to summarize the top-5 whisky news of the week : new releases, distillery openings, special events or any other whisky (& other …

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