November 2016

Reviewing Compass Box 3 Year Old Deluxe & Spice Tree Extravaganza


I know those latest Compass Box expressions have been around since a few months already but I never took the time to review them correctly around here, so let’s sit down and do just that! The first of those two expressions is “Three Year Old Deluxe“, quite a provocative release, which shouldn’t come as a surprise from one of  today’s most provocative whisky makers. Composed …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Give NAS Whiskies A Chance


Let’s put it like that: if America dared to elect a blond-haired-political newbie as president, there’s no reason why you couldn’t dare trying out those NAS whiskies you’ve been despising for so long, just because they took the risk to drop the all-mighty age statement.  Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here: NAS whiskies refer to “Non Age Statement” whiskies, you …

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Fusion Whisky releases Kincardine: a Scotch-Indian blend


The team behind the famous Glover (a blend of Scotch & Japanese whisky) is now launching a whisky to celebrate the historic ties between India and Scotland. Edinburgh-based Fusion Whisky Limited launched The Glover series of premium whiskies last year in honour of “Scottish Samurai” Thomas Blake Glover. Made by blending Scotch with extremely rare whisky from Japan, The Glover pioneered the concept of fusing …

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3 Collaboration whiskies that seriously rock!


You may or may not know it but I’m a huge fan of music and yeap, I’m also an unrepentant metalhead. Actually, one of my biggest regrets in life has always been not to be able to play any kind of instrument (no, the flute in high school doesn’t count, and I was pretty bad at it…) or sing in tune. When I first heard …

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£16.000 Black Bowmore 50 Year Old Hits The Market


Bowmore has announced the release of the fifth and final edition of the exclusive Black Bowmore 1964 distillation. Available from the end of 2016, the last cask to be discovered of Black Bowmore has spent an astonishing 50 years maturing in Bowmore’s legendary No.1 Vaults, the world’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse, making this captivating whisky the most aged expression of the Black Bowmore series. UNLOCK …

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Deanston To Keep Up With Current Trends Through New Packaging


Deanston is celebrating its long history at the heart of its community, by launching a new packaging design which highlights its premium craftsmanship and community spirit. Recent consumer trends have shown a return to craft spirits and a growing demand for locally-made products. Deanston’s strongest attribute is that it offers truly authentic, hand-crafted malts made in small-batches from locally sourced ingredients only. The redesign captures …

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Teeling: Making Single Grain Whiskey Great Again


Grain whisk(e)y seems to be experiencing quite a revival within malt maniacs’ hearts those past few years. What used to be seen as the ugly duckling (you know, this cheap stuff you add to Single Malt to make a blend…) of the whisky industry is quickly regaining some interest and even being recognised as a legit (M)alternative.   As part of my partnership with Craft …

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Irish & American whiskey join forces with new PrizeFight Whiskey


West Cork Distillers & Tamworth Distilling join forces around a new collaborative Irish Whiskey meant to debut this weekend in Dublin! In earlier times, Irishmen journeyed to America, where they forged their character with resolve and their fists. Each bottle tells the stories of the boxing legends who came with nothing and fought for everything. Prizefight is a collaborative Irish whiskey, distilled and aged in …

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Talking Irish Whiskey with Jack Teeling


Today, as part of my partnership with The Craft Whisky Club, I chose to find out more about one of the newest members of the Irish whiskey landscape : Teeling Whiskey, distilling their magic in the very center of Dublin! Jack and Stephen Teeling have brought a new independent voice and style back to Dublin whiskey. With the revival of their family brand and the first new distillery …

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My November Whisky Wishlist


I can’t believe it’s November already… I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot but jeez, time is flying! Halloween is already behind us and we’ll soon be thinking about what to eat for Christmas dinner and which party to hit for NYE… Hopefully, Autumn is my favourite season of the year when it comes to whisky: I can finally go hide under my tartan …

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