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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof Review: Expert Insights

thewhiskylady - 2023-05-31
Barrell Dovetail Review: Expert Insights
Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt 21 Year Old
Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof Review: Expert Insights

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye is a highly sought after whiskey that has made a substantial impact on the world of spirits. As a first of its kind, it has piqued the interest of whiskey aficionados and casual drinkers alike. This barrel proof rye offers a unique and luxurious drinking experience to anyone fortunate enough to get their hands on it.

The main characteristic that sets Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye apart from other rye whiskies is its strength. At 112.2 proof, this uncut, non-chill filtered whiskey is bottled directly from the barrel, showcasing the true essence of the spirit. The mash bill consists of 51% rye, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley, which gives the whiskey a well-rounded flavor profile.

Rare Breed Rye is believed to be a blend of four, six, and eight-year-old straight rye whiskies, providing a balanced and full-bodied experience for those who have the opportunity to taste it. This whiskey has captivated the taste buds of both experienced connoisseurs and new fans alike, and continues to be a prominent player in the competitive world of rye whiskey.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof Overview

Product History

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye is a barrel proof, non-chill-filtered blend of 4, 6, and 8-year-old Kentucky Straight Rye from the renowned Wild Turkey Distillery. The distillery is known for producing quality rye products and has a range that includes Wild Turkey Rye 81/101 proof, Russell’s Reserve 6 year and Single Barrel ryes, and the 2019 Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Cornerstone Rye. Rare Breed Rye is Wild Turkey’s first-ever barrel proof rye, crafted with care and attention to detail.

Wild Turkey utilizes a single mash bill for their standard rye products, including the Rare Breed Rye. The mash bill consists of 51% Rye, 37% Corn, and 12% Malted Barley, similar to the mash bills used by Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace. The choice of ingredients and the blending process make this rye truly unique.

Price Range

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye 112.2 Proof has a retail price of around $60. This price point makes it accessible to whiskey enthusiasts who are eager to experience the rich flavors and aromas of a barrel proof rye. The Rare Breed Rye offers customers genuine barrel proof quality at a reasonable price, making it a desirable option for many whiskey lovers. While not as affordable as some other rye products on the market, its unique features and characteristics make it worth the investment for those seeking an authentic, full-flavored experience.

Tasting Notes


On the nose, it presents a complex array of scents that showcase its cask strength character. Aromas of rich caramel, oak, and toasted spices greet the senses, accompanied by hints of vanilla, dark chocolate, and subtle rye grain.


As for the flavor profile, it proves to be a delightful experience on the palate. The whiskey exhibits robust notes of caramel, rye spice, and oak from the cask, while also delivering nuances of citrus, dark fruits, and baking spices. When sampled neat, the whiskey’s high-proof nature shines through, intensifying the flavors, yet remaining balanced and enjoyable.


The finish is remarkably long-lasting and warming, with the barrel-proof strength leaving a lasting impression. The lingering flavors of oak, spice, and sweet caramel come together harmoniously, providing whiskey enthusiasts with a rewarding and satisfying conclusion to each sip.


While subjective, the Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye 112.2 Proof can be considered an excellent and well-rounded whiskey. The combination of its cask strength, non-chill filtration, and blend of 4-, 6-, and 8-year-old rye whiskies contribute to its unique and bold profile. Priced at $60, this barrel-proof rye stands as a good value for those who appreciate rich flavors and high-quality craftsmanship.

Mixing and Pairing

Best Mixers

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof Best Mixersphoto credit:

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 has bold flavors that mix well with the following mixers:

  • Ginger ale: Balances the spice of the rye with a refreshing sweetness.
  • Vermouth: Creates a classic rye base for cocktails.
  • Club soda: Accentuates the natural flavors of the whiskey.
  • Lemon juice: Adds a zesty citrus note to the whiskey.
  • Simple syrup: Sweetens the profile, making it more approachable for those who prefer a sweeter drink.

Cocktail Suggestions

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof Cocktail Suggestionsphoto credit:

Here are a few cocktail ideas to enjoy Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye 112.2:

  1. Rye Old Fashioned: Combine the rye whiskey, a sugar cube, a few dashes of Angostura bitters, and a bit of water in a mixing glass. Stir until sugar is dissolved, then strain over a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.
  2. Manhattan: Mix 2 ounces of rye whiskey with 1 ounce of sweet vermouth and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Stir and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.
  3. Whiskey Sour: Shake 2 ounces of rye whiskey, 3/4 ounce of lemon juice, and 1/2 ounce of simple syrup with ice, then strain into a rocks glass. Top with a splash of soda water and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Food Pairings

Food Pairingsphoto credit:

When pairing Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye 112.2 with food, consider the following options:

  • Cheeses: Sharp cheddar, Gouda, or blue cheese complement the whiskey’s flavors.
  • Meats: Smoky barbecue ribs, grilled steak, or charcuterie plates enhance the whiskey’s richness.
  • Desserts: Dark chocolate or fruit-filled pies create a balanced experience.

It is essential to keep the pairings simple enough not to overpower the whiskey’s tasting notes. The overall goal is to enhance the whiskey experience and create a harmonious combination for the palate.


In conclusion, Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof is a blend of non-chill filtered ryes aged for 4, 6, and 8 years. As the first barrel proof rye released by Wild Turkey, it has captured the attention of whiskey enthusiasts. With a mash bill of 51% rye, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley, it shares similarities with other popular rye whiskeys on the market.

This rye whiskey presents an appealing coppery color, and its uncut, non-chill filtered nature allows for the full range of flavors and aromas to come through. Bottled at 112.2 proof, it provides a robust and complex drinking experience, which many have praised.

Priced at around $60, the Wild Turkey Rare Breed Rye offers good value for those seeking a high-quality rye whiskey. Its availability and popularity make it a solid choice for whiskey enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

In summary, Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Rye 112.2 Proof is a well-received and enjoyable rye whiskey that has garnered positive reviews from experts and fans alike. Its unique blend of aged rye, barrel proof bottling, and balanced flavor profile make it a whiskey worth exploring.

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