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Yes, whisky & tea pairing is very much a thing

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Weekly Review: Bruichladdich’s Laddie Eight & Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01

thewhiskylady - 2016-05-27

A few weeks ago already (I know, I’m running late on my review schedule… Shhhh, you’re not without knowing GoT started again right a few weeks ago… Coincidence? I don’t think so!), Bruichladdich released two new travel retail expressions and I had the chance to receive a sample of both *insert sunglasses emoji here* – Let’s then review them!

tasting notes


First new release I’m reviewing today is The Laddie Eight, latest exclusive for Global Travel Retail released by head distiller Adam Hannett. Surprisingly enough, this new expression comes with an age statement (8 years old – meaning that, by law, the youngest whisky entering in its composition is actually 8 years old but there could be some older juices in there), contrarily to the current trend in travel retail… Bottled in-house and over strength at 50% ABV.


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Nose: Definitely sweet, rather fresh and fruity with masses of berries and tropical fruits, cherry clafoutis and yummy pear drops. Also coming in the nose, some pastry notes of croissants (oh, by the way, have I already told that I was French?), fresh orange juice, floral hints. Quite true to Bruichladdich’s DNA.

Palate: strong oak influence, buttery vanilla and a full basket of summer berries, especially red berries, raspberry crumble and strawberry triffle. Also some heart-warming touches of hot spices: black pepper, chili – tabasco? A background of acidulous citrus and grapefruit flows onto the palate. A real summery twist in this Bruichladdich expression, and that comes right on time! I’m already picturing myself savouring my dram on my balcony after a long day of hardcore shopping hard work.

Finish: lingering with some pleasant citrusy notes

Recommended Food pairing: time for a raspberry sorbet & fresh fruit salad!




Our second expression is the new Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 . It has been matured full term in casks of the finest French oak [Quercus robur] which previously held one of the greatest Eau de Vie, from the western Cognac region. This travel retail exclusive comes at 57.8% ABV.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Nose: You can’t imagine how this marriage of Islay and South-West France got me excited… Maybe my two favourite regions in the world – that’s a lot of expectations! And the nose was a first step to my little paradise… Which actually kept all its promises: of course the Port Charlotte’s smoky and peaty signature shows at first sniff, with some pleasant sea breeze but also fruity notes of ripe peaches. The nose also shows some aromas of sweet spices, meringue, brown sugar, melted butter and cold tobacco.

Palate: Vibrant, and complex mouth with a rich orchard fruit basket, citrusy, vanilla, cinnamon rolls, cloves, cardamom and sweet ginger notes – all lost in an oasis of sea salt, peat and smoke. An incredible depth of flavours for this expression – probably the result of its uncommon maturation. A killer dram!

Finish: the peat smoke has decided to settle for some time, and I won’t complain about that.

Recommended Food pairing: citrus-cured salmon gravadlax *drooling*


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