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Top tips for the aspiring whisky auction seller

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As I tend to receive more and more messages asking me for the Dos and Donts of whisky auctionning (you’re probably not without knowing that I’ve been working as a whisky auctioneer for auction website Catawiki for quite a while now…), I thought it could be useful to put together this quick handy guide for the wannabe whisky auction seller!┬á

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[Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging you to sell the bottles you buy – whisky has been made to be consumed, that’s its first and main purpose. If you’re not interested in – or fierly against – the whisky auction system (like I know some of you are), feel free to close this page, I won’t take it personally ;)]

> Do not rush – When a record revenue has been achieved on a specific bottle, it won’t necessarily be replicated the next week… Be patient!

> The more you see a bottle being offered up at auctions, the less revenue you’ll get from it. That’s basic supply and demand. Don’t forget scarcity makes the value… Keep your bottles for a few weeks/months and offer them up again when there’s less availability ­čśë

> Keep the boxes – die-hard whisky collectors attach great importance to the boxes, preferably in pristine condition. So when buying a whisky you’re willing to sell at a later date, make sure you keep the original box!

> Buy what you like – I couldn’t stress that enough: in the end, if the bottle doesn’t reach your desired reserve price, you’ll at least be left with something you enjoy drinking ­čśÇ

> Check market value – we’re talking hammer prices here, don’t take into account retail prices on commercial websites (or even whiskybase) to set up your estimated revenue, you’ll be disappointed… (Yeap, I can’t even count the times I’ve dealt with people willing to sell a Hibiki 12 for 350ÔéČ… Nope.)

> Be honest – a scratch on the box? a lower fill level? A damaged capsule? list all the relevant information, state everything you can, and if bidders can’t actually see the bottle for real, make sure pictures depict all aspects of the bottle so that the buyer isn’t disappointed and then ask for a refund when he receives your bottle…




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