My February Whisky Wishlist

thewhiskylady - 2018-02-05

Malted Pairings: Whisky & Charcuterie

thewhiskylady - 2018-02-19

The Microdistillery Controversy

thewhiskylady - 2018-02-14

New small start-up distilleries enter the market each and every year in all parts of the globe, from the hills of Scotland to the fields of Australia – and they’re likely to all face the same challenges when introducing their spirits to the public…

–> They need to be unique but some people will get pissed if they can’t access bottlings.

–> They need to be craft and do things manually but some people will get pissed if there’s a single flaw in the end product.

–> They need to be true to traditions and stick to the rules to call their spirits this or that (hello Scotch!) but some people will get pissed if they’re just releasing another classic whisky.

–> They need to do small batch and use organic ingredients but some people will get pissed because they don’t want to pay ¬£80 for a young whisky.

–> They need to be innovative, cutting-edge and thought provoking but some people will call them Attention Whores.

–> They need to be in for the passion, the sake of the product, but some people will talk about marketing bullshit.

–> They need to pay more attention to the product than marketing but some people will get pissed if the bottle they paid ¬£80 is just another usual Oslo bottle with an hand-written label.

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In the end, whatever you do, whatever your initial intentions, you’ll piss off a few people along the way, and that’s ok ! ūüôā

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