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Q&A: more about me and useful whisky tips!


I tend to receive more and more questions by private messages or on social media (keep’em coming, I always like a good Q&A session, wish I could be a YouTuber sometimes… 😉 ), and while some of them are completely inappropriate (yes, I’m talking to you fellow LinkedIn “relations” who think the term “relation” might imply some sort of privacy between us 😉 ), here …

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Why I Don’t Rate The Whiskies I Review


Grades are basically everywhere those days: from restaurants to taxi drivers, we’re always encouraged to rate every experience, every new product put to the terrible test of our ever-demanding taste buds … And whisky is no exception to the rule. Many – if not all – reviews you’ll read in blogs, magazines, books etc. often comprise this xx/100 grade. I’ve chosen not to rate the …

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#BackToSchool – My 10 Whisky-related resolutions


New Year has always called for a fresh start to me! I know, it isn’t technically the beginning of a new year but as you know, my student years ended not that long ago, and I then still consider September as the start of the new year, even more than January actually… #TwistedMind. And in order to enter this new era in a conquering mood, I wanted …

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Your 5-Steps guide to starting a whisky blog


1 –> Make sure you have PLENTY of time to dedicate to your online activity. And here, I’m not talking 3/4 hours over the weekend between walking the dog, taking the children to their grand-parents, a replay of Storage Wars and your weekly “let’s try to make some homemade blueberry muffins” session. Running a blog (well, at least if you want to attract and retain …

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