whisky wishlist

My March Whisky Wishlist


And here we go again: new month, new whisky wishlist! There’s been quite a lot of exciting new releases this past month, especially on the ever-growing Irish Whiskey category and from what I know, the lucky Irishmen aren’t willing to see this trend stop anytime soon… Expect some exciting things those next few months from the Emerald Isle! Anyway, let’s stop teasing and have a …

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My December Whisky Wishlist


We’re officially kicking off the race to Christmas today! And I’ve been warning you since a few days, we’ll be going all blooming christmassy around here! Let’s start the festivities with my usual monthly selection… But instead of the 5 whiskies I usually select, my Whisky Wishlist doubles in size this month and showcases 10 fine expressions (in case you were still looking for some …

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My personal selection from Whisky Live Paris 2016


Last weekend, Paris hosted its annual whisky celebration on the banks of the Seine and I was more than looking forward to this year’ edition, which was meant to celebrate La Maison Du Whisky’s 60th Anniversary (oh btw, happy birthday guys & keep on the good work!), with a hell loads of promising exclusive expressions to sample… But things don’t always go exactly as planned… …

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My September Whisky Wishlist


One day late?! How dare you… Sorry guys, after posting already 2 articles in one day yesterday I thought you may need a “whisky lady” break 😉 – Anyway, here we go again, new month, new whisky wishlist!  Kilkerran 12 years old After 12 years and a bundle of Work In Progress bottlings, the first core release of single malt Scotch whisky from the Glengyle …

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My August Whisky Wishlist


Hey little drammers! Don’t know if you notice but it’s the 1st of August already – and you should know it by now, the beginning of a new month around here always means whisky wishlist! As usual, it wasn’t easy to come up with a shortlist of only 5 highly-appealing nectars but life is made of tough choices… Enjoy! The Glenturret Fly 16’s Masters Edition A …

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My July Whisky Wishlist


I can’t believe we’re already entering July (Hmm… Feels like I keep telling you that time is flying each month when I realise it’s already time for the next monthly selection) and I still don’t know where I’ll be in August (Not like I’m some sort of control freak trying to plan everything in advance… Noooo.). Crazy times ahead! And July also means Birthday month …

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My June Whisky Wishlist


Time is seriously flying… I can’t believe we’re almost approaching Summer and I haven’t had time to start watching Outlander new season yet (I feel like I’m talking way too much about TV shows around here lately… )! So, beside trying to get all my work done in due time (and comparing 154878 types of blenders on Amazon so that I’ll have my smoothie breakfasts …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


No April fool today (would have been too obvious…) but my usual monthly whisky wishlist! And I haven’t been that enthusiastic about a wishlist in a while! All the below nectars – from newcomers to well-established brands & even a phoenix rising from its ashes – I’m particularly happy with the diversity and consistency of this month’ selection. As usual, click on titles for direct …

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My March Whisky Wishlist


February is finally over (I don’t know you, but I always see February as the most depressive month of the year – hopefully it “only” counts 29 days – this calendar guy must have had the same feeling as me…) and brought with him a handful of appealing new releases! Here’s therefore my monthly selection for you (as usual, click on titles for direct links …

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My February Whisky Wishlist


As January appeared to be quite prolific in new liquid gold releases, I really had a hard time coming up with this month’ shortlist and selecting only 5 of all those highly-appealing nectars… (obviously, this is totally a fake excuse to explain why I’m running late on my regular schedule… ). But here it is! Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition Milsean (pronounced ‘mill-shun’ and Gaelic for …

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