whisky litterature

Whisky Litterature – introducing “Single Malt Murder”


You’re probably quite familiar with whisky bibles and other A-Z educational whisky books explaining the science behind your favourite beverage, but did you know that whisky had also been inspiring fiction authors? That shouldn’t come as a surprise given the great mysteries and multi-secular culture behind the amber nectar…  (com’on Hollywood, what about a “The Distillery” horror movie?) “Abi Logan just lost the most important …

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The Whisky Affair : a single malt fuelled novel


The Whisky Affair is not your usual whisky book : it’s not going to provide you with a complete A-Z guide of all the Scottish/Irish/Japanese/WhateverWhiskyProducingCountry distilleries nor will it tell you all about the great whisky history through dates, facts & figures. The Whisky Affair is more of an entertaining easy-to-read spirited novel immersing its reader in a world of love, murder, Machiavellian plots and… …

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Whisky litterature : 4 gems to add to your bookcase


1. Whisky Dreams : Having your dram and eating it too by Riannon Walsh Whisky Dreams captures a slice of life in the world of distilleries and their romantic settings. An enjoyable and rare approach to the neglected topic of cooking with fine whiskies this book includes several stories of life working in the whisky world and close to 90 recipes ranging from soups to dessert and …

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