whisky expert

Story Time: Judging a whisky competition


I must admit I felt more than honoured the first time I was asked to join the judging panel of a whisky competition – kind of validating years of hard work and being recognised by people I can now probably refer to as my “peers” (although I would never have the encyclopedic knowledge and tasting skills of a Charles Maclean, sitting at the same table …

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“Whisky Experts” you say?


You know what really grinds my gears? a world where every next-door-pub bartender pouring some not-that-mainstream whisky is regarded as a whisky expert. Disclaimer: This isn’t about pointing out anyone. To make things clear, I know it’s not necessarily your fault if you gave an interview to a publication and they decide to call you the “world’s leading whisky expert” or any other shiny title …

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