whisky education

You can now pass a whisky diploma… Online !


Pioneers of accredited and independent whisky education, Edinburgh Whisky Academy have unveiled a range of new courses for 2018, building on its hugely popular Diploma in Single Malt Whisky. “First to go live is the brand new online Introduction to Whisky Certificate which provides insight into the fundamentals of whisky. Complied by industry experts, this course is fully flexible and accessible requiring around 10 hours …

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A practical guide to cask finishing


Welcome back for a new episode of my #BackToWhiskyBasics series ! This time focusing on cask finishes. If you’re wandering on this page, there are great chances that you’ve already come accross this term a few times, and I know it may not be very clear when starting your malted journey, so let me try to explain ! First things first: to be called “whisky”, …

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3 burning whisky questions


I’ve recently been hosting a few tastings for friends and amongst all the questions that were asked, I thought I would share 3 really relevant ones with you because we all need a bit of whisky education in our lives right? To decant or not to decant? So you’re probably quite familiar with those beautiful crystal jugs, taking all sort of fancy shapes to look …

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“Whisky Experts” you say?


You know what really grinds my gears? a world where every next-door-pub bartender pouring some not-that-mainstream whisky is regarded as a whisky expert. Disclaimer: This isn’t about pointing out anyone. To make things clear, I know it’s not necessarily your fault if you gave an interview to a publication and they decide to call you the “world’s leading whisky expert” or any other shiny title …

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So Single Malts are actually Blends?


#BackToWhiskyBasics lesson N°7 : If you’ve already attended a whisky tasting or malted event of any kind, there are good chances you’ve come accross this snob prick claiming to the world that “single malts are better than blends“? Yes, when starting your whisky discovery journey, you may have looked up at that guy thinking he was in the know… Guess what? My cat may be …

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Halt to the whisky police


You know what really grinds my gears? People telling other people they’re enjoying their whisky wrong. You don’t need to go far to find them, the loyal lieutenants of the whisky police, they are everywhere, like the grown-up version of your high school bullies. But where they tend to annoy me the most is online (because maybe I’m spending too much time on Facebook rage …

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Is whisky really for everyone?


So you’ve probably read many articles championing a lighter, less elitist and overall more ‘let’s not give a shit about rules” approach to whisky those past few years. Yes, I’m one of those people believing whisky should be for everyone and can be enjoyed however the hell you want to and shouldn’t come with all the boring and out-of-date rules attached to it. Want to …

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How To Read A Scotch Whisky Label


So you had decided to embark on your first whisky shopping spree as a new “whisky amateur”, you managed to push the doors of your local spirits shop, run towards the whisky shelf but then… You freaked out. Too many bottles, too many information, what’s really important, what’s marketing bullshit? It was easy to attend whisky tastings, your host had already selected the drams, but …

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