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3 great books for whisky newcomers


Over the years, I probably have accumulated and read more whisky books than any other kind of books #NeurosisFTW – And reading was and still is a very important part of my malted discovery journey. Since a few years though, not a month passes without a new spirited book appears on the virtual shelves of Amazon. It has then become more and more difficult for …

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Whisky Litterature – introducing “Single Malt Murder”


You’re probably quite familiar with whisky bibles and other A-Z educational whisky books explaining the science behind your favourite beverage, but did you know that whisky had also been inspiring fiction authors? That shouldn’t come as a surprise given the great mysteries and multi-secular culture behind the amber nectar…  (com’on Hollywood, what about a “The Distillery” horror movie?) “Abi Logan just lost the most important …

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My Whisky essentials


As I was once again wandering on Amazon, hesitating between poodle and pug masks (I know they’re both absolutely fantastic !), I magically found myself scrolling down the results page for “whisky” (I tend to be a bit obsessional when I like something…), surfing endless seas of whisky stones and other malted gadgets. I then took a deep breath, closed the page and realised it …

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The Whisky Affair : a single malt fuelled novel


The Whisky Affair is not your usual whisky book : it’s not going to provide you with a complete A-Z guide of all the Scottish/Irish/Japanese/WhateverWhiskyProducingCountry distilleries nor will it tell you all about the great whisky history through dates, facts & figures. The Whisky Affair is more of an entertaining easy-to-read spirited novel immersing its reader in a world of love, murder, Machiavellian plots and… …

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