whisky awards

Story Time: Judging a whisky competition


I must admit I felt more than honoured the first time I was asked to join the judging panel of a whisky competition – kind of validating years of hard work and being recognised by people I can now probably refer to as my “peers” (although I would never have the encyclopedic knowledge and tasting skills of a Charles Maclean, sitting at the same table …

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There’s no “best whisky in the world”


It’s this time of the year again when the whole whisky world is getting excited or deeply annoyed by one man proclaiming this or that whisky is supposedly the “best in the world” in a so-called “bible”. You know what ? I’ve never been into religion. No worries guys if you can’t put your hands on this new must-have whisk(e)y, new awards and titles of …

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My (very) personal 2015 Whisky Awards


I’ve never been a huge fan of “top 5/10/20” lists, especially when it comes to something as subjective as whisky. Here’s therefore more of a “the best/surprising/original/waow whiskies I had this year” list or “You can’t imagine the inner struggle with myself while putting this list together” Whisky Awards (ok, then you may ask why I decided to come up with this article if it …

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