the glover

Scotch meets Indian Whisky and that sounds promising


The makers of a rare blend of Scotch and Japanese whisky have revealed that their fusion whisky has proved so popular they are now developing further innovative blends in partnership with other international distilleries. Fusion Whisky Ltd said that all three versions of its groundbreaking Glover series have sold out, and it is close to launching a fusion blend using single malt whisky from Scottish …

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My September Whisky Wishlist


One day late?! How dare you… Sorry guys, after posting already 2 articles in one day yesterday I thought you may need a “whisky lady” break 😉 – Anyway, here we go again, new month, new whisky wishlist!  Kilkerran 12 years old After 12 years and a bundle of Work In Progress bottlings, the first core release of single malt Scotch whisky from the Glengyle …

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