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Is the “Scotch Whisky Regions” classification still relevant?


Most of the times, when you get introduced to Scotch, the well-known “5 regions – 5 different profiles” explanation is given to you and your fellow Scotch newbies. It’s an old and common classification you can’t really miss, whether you’re taking a tour of The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh or simply doing some shopping at the airport duty free (actually even found out recently …

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#LaddieMP3: A tasting night with Bruichladdich


TERROIR MATTERS “Bruichladdich pride themselves on their ingredients, far beyond the point that their marketing and PR teams would ask them to. Their philosophy is based on traceability and terroir – whether you believe it exists for whisky or not – and not only do they want to track everything they can about their whiskies, but they pass that information on to the people who drink them, a relevant …

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