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Where Can You “Blend Your Own” Whisky?


While homebrewing is becoming more trendy than ever (and trust me I know what I’m talking about… My partner has recently turned an entire room in our appartment as some sort of Beer Lab… That’s also how I realised hops smelled a bit like weed and my neighbours may be wondering what we’re doing down there…), you may want to up your game and try …

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Women Who Whisky: Julie Trevisan Hunter (The Scotch Whisky Experience)


I am thrilled to introduce a brand new series on the blog for 2017 (yes, one more… I know what you think!), where I’ll be highlighting different “Women Who Whisky” and their views on the industry. What best way to kick off this series than catching-up with Julie Trevisan Hunter, Marketing Manager at the world-famous Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and named Master of The …

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Inside The World’s Largest Scotch Whisky Collection


In the 1970’s, Claive Vidiz, a whisky enthusiast in Sao Paulo, Brazil and founder member of the Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors, started to seek out and purchase Scotch whisky of varying type, cost and rarity. He amassed almost 3,500 bottles over 35 years. In October 2006 The Collection was purchased by Scotch whisky distiller, Diageo. When Diageo brought the Claive Vidiz Collection home to …

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