rye whiskey

7 Rye whisk(e)ys you need to try


I recently developed a huge interest for rye whisk(e)ys. Well, I did like a good rye before but never really had time to dig deeper into this specific category, now that I’ve been growing a passion for this delicious spicy beverage (which is also quite versatile – as yummy neat, in a long drink or a more sophisticated cocktail); here’s my personal list of must-try …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


Not an April fool today (would be too obvious…) but my monthly spirited wishlist ! It was actually quite hard to come up with this shortlist this month, so many great products that I’m craving to count on my whisky shelves, but my reasonable side fought a bloody battle against its devil consumer counterpart and I finally pulled myself together and managed to stick to …

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3 ways to bring a touch of Spring to your whisky


Whisky purists will surely hate this article but as milder temperatures and sunny days are just around the corner, you might like to bring a touch of Spring to your favourite tipple. In his introduction to Whisky: The Manual, author Dave Broom says that the idea that whisky is supposed to be sipped neat is actually a recent phenomenon: “At any time when [whisky] reached …

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