On the way back to Age Statement


Flavour doesn’t depend upon age. Just back from one of those phone calls that really resonate with me and ring a bell in my head “Are we still discussing this??” – one cannot but notice that YES, we are, NAS and clichés about young whiskies are still a thorny issue within the industry. What was this phone call about? Em… Please excuse my lack of …

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What The F*** Is Peat Anyway?


You know me – I am a people watcher. I could litteraly spend hours in a bar just watching people coming in and out, which have lead me to draw quite an accurate picture of the different kinds of people ordering whisky in a bar (but that’s another story). But what I noticed lately – mainly in my home-country – is an increasing number of people …

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My March Whisky Wishlist


February is finally over (I don’t know you, but I always see February as the most depressive month of the year – hopefully it “only” counts 29 days – this calendar guy must have had the same feeling as me…) and brought with him a handful of appealing new releases! Here’s therefore my monthly selection for you (as usual, click on titles for direct links …

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Dream Dram: Reviewing Bruichladdich’s Octomore 7.4 – Virgin Oak


In 2008, the distilling team at Bruichladdich quietly laid down another “what if?” project in the far corner of their 1845 Port Charlotte warehouses. “What if we put 167ppm Octomore spirit into virgin oak casks? What would the combination of smoke-rich Octomore and sweet, honeyed vanilla derived from the great French oak forests of Allier produce?” This was uncharted territory, the first time that spirit …

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