7 Questions for Old Carrick Mill’s founder Steven Murphy


“Help Save Ireland’s History!” Here’s how Steven Murphy, the young entrepreneur behind The Old Carrick Mill project, chose to start his Kickstarter speech! The recently-launched crowd-funding campaign aims at bringing back to life an historical Irish building where Steven plans to build a new Irish distillery (yes, another one!). As Ireland is currently undergoing some sort of whiskey renaissance, Seems like Steven chose the right …

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Weekly Review : Hyde Irish Whiskey 10YRS


Stuart McNamara, founder & editor at, explains that Hyde Whiskey in Skibereen is actually a new Irish whiskey venture and is not to be confused with any other whiskey companies in West Cork. In common with most new Irish Whiskey Start Ups, their initial release is based on a high quality offering that Hyde have worked their magic on from an established distillery. In …

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Today is Saint Patrick’s Day (Yeap, thanks for the info Captain Obvious !) and you might be a bit tired of all those “5489254 Irish whiskeys for St Patrick’s Day” posts and their little brothers “Top 10 of the best Irish craft beers to try before you die” (not to mention all the articles about a particular brand or the general “Irish whiskey renaissance” speech …

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Discover the newly-opened Irish Whiskey Museum


As explained by The Spirits Business, the new Irish Whiskey Museum has been developed by travel company Extreme Ireland and expects to receive 80,000 visitors in its first year, as interest from international tourists in Irish whiskey develops. The museum features a series of exhibitions detailing the history of whiskey distilling in Ireland through the use of interactive technology and actors. Visitors aged over 18 …

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Whisky tourism : 3 distilleries where you can stay overnight


For those you want to experience a genuine whisky experience, sleeping within (or very very close to) a distillery is a real must. Here is a selection of 3 whisky distilleries which offer the possibility to stay overnight and discover the wonderful world of uisge beatha ! 1. Ireland : The Bushmills Inn Bushmills Inn Hotel & Restaurant is a former coaching inn dating back …

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