highland park valkyrie

A closer look at the new Highland Park Valkyrie


For Viking Warriors, death was not an end but a glorious beginning and it began with the Valkyries… In partnership with renowned Danish designer Jim Lyngvild, VALKYRIE is the first in a series of three Viking Legend releases inspired by rich Viking history and mythology. Having once been part of Denmark and Norway, Orkney became the raiding headquarters for Norwegian Vikings in the 8th and …

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My May Whisky Wishlist


It may be a bank holiday for some of us, I couldn’t leave you without my monthly whisky wishlist on this 1st of May! Good news: I’m also currently working on a proper & permanent “wishlist” page on this blog so that you can always easily find my “go-to” drams of the moment and other must-have gems without having to scroll 1654988 articles or spend …

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Weekly Whisky News Round-up


Lone Wolf finally launches its spirits BrewDog officially launches its new craft distillery LoneWolf today and has released some new details about its debut spirits, and accompanying mixers. The company says the Aberdeenshire distillery features the world’s only ‘triple-bubble’ still and an 18-metre-tall rectification column, the tallest in Europe. In development for two years, the distillation equipment was conceived by head distiller, Steven Kersley, in …

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