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A practical guide to independent whisky bottlers


Did you know that, beyond the actual distilleries producing your favourite whisky from grain to bottle, a whole other network of whisky wizards exist?  Let’s then have a look at the magical world of independent bottlers! You’re probably already familiar with “indie” as used in the music world, those smaller guys doing their own thing away from the big labels? Pretty much the same picture …

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Weekly Whisky News Round-up


Port X Whisky: The Dalmore releases three-bottle Vintage Port Collection In the year that The Dalmore’s legendary Master Distiller Richard Paterson celebrates his 50th year in the whisky industry, The Vintage Port Collection is the latest in a long line of ground-breaking releases from the iconic whisky producer. Crafted using the finest aged Port pipes from renowned winemakers W&J Graham’s, Paterson’s unrivalled knowledge of the …

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My July Whisky Wishlist


My July wishlists always tend to be my favourites… Because yay, it’s my Birthday month and I can expect some of my wishes to come true in July 😉 – Hence why this month’ wishlist will be a little bit extended… I’m a greedy person after all – and it’s not like there could be such a thing as “too much whisky” around here right …

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Weekly Whisky News Round-up


Black Mountain launches competition to name its matured-at-sea edition After spending 6 months at sea between France and England to experiment sea maturation, a barrel of Black Mountain N°2 was brought back to France last October and is now awaiting its bottling. The Black Mountain chaps are now offering people the chance to find a name for this future limited edition through a competition on …

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10 whiskies to celebrate Feis Ile at home


If like me, once again, you cannot attend whisky heaven (I mean, Feis Ile, Islay whisky festival for those who may not be familiar with this annual malted celebration) this year, I thought it could be a good idea to offer you a little “Feis Ile” selection around here so that we can all drown our sorrows together 🙂 As usual, click on titles for …

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My September Whisky Wishlist


One day late?! How dare you… Sorry guys, after posting already 2 articles in one day yesterday I thought you may need a “whisky lady” break 😉 – Anyway, here we go again, new month, new whisky wishlist!  Kilkerran 12 years old After 12 years and a bundle of Work In Progress bottlings, the first core release of single malt Scotch whisky from the Glengyle …

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Sharing a few drams at Douglas Laing HQ


I recently paid a wee visit to the team at Douglas Laing HQ and had the pleasure/privilege to dive into some of their finest expressions while listening to the stories of their passionate ambassador Jan Beckers (pssst! Follow him here & here for all things Douglas Laing!) – comfortably seated in their beautifully-decorated Sample Room (which kind of reminded me of Cragganmore’s Club Room & …

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My June Whisky Wishlist


Time is seriously flying… I can’t believe we’re almost approaching Summer and I haven’t had time to start watching Outlander new season yet (I feel like I’m talking way too much about TV shows around here lately… )! So, beside trying to get all my work done in due time (and comparing 154878 types of blenders on Amazon so that I’ll have my smoothie breakfasts …

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My February Whisky Wishlist


As January appeared to be quite prolific in new liquid gold releases, I really had a hard time coming up with this month’ shortlist and selecting only 5 of all those highly-appealing nectars… (obviously, this is totally a fake excuse to explain why I’m running late on my regular schedule… ). But here it is! Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition Milsean (pronounced ‘mill-shun’ and Gaelic for …

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