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On the way back to Age Statement


Flavour doesn’t depend upon age. Just back from one of those phone calls that really resonate with me and ring a bell in my head “Are we still discussing this??” – one cannot but notice that YES, we are, NAS and clichés about young whiskies are still a thorny issue within the industry. What was this phone call about? Em… Please excuse my lack of …

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A practical guide to independent whisky bottlers


Did you know that, beyond the actual distilleries producing your favourite whisky from grain to bottle, a whole other network of whisky wizards exist?  Let’s then have a look at the magical world of independent bottlers! You’re probably already familiar with “indie” as used in the music world, those smaller guys doing their own thing away from the big labels? Pretty much the same picture …

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The Whisky Show 2016: personal highlights


As promised, here are my personal malted highlights from last week’ TWE Whisky Show in London. I chose to showcase some very different drams: Scotch, American & World Whiskies, official distillery bottlings & independent bottlers gems as well as affordable options & more pricey alternatives, trying to suit all your discerning palates and wallets ;). Mackmyra Vinterdrom Mackmyra Vinterdröm is a fruity and slightly spicy swedish …

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Compass Box continues to piss off Official Whisky Bodies


Scotland’s leading independent Scotch whiskymaker and six-time Whisky Magazine Innovator of the Year, Compass Box, has recently announced its latest Limited Edition Blended Malt Scotch Whisky: ‘Three Year Old Deluxe’: the oldest 3-year-old whisky ever released! Introducing the release, Compass Box Founder and Whiskymaker John Glaser comments: ‘For much of this year, we have been quietly but persistently exploring how we might be able to effect …

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Whisky Shopping: my 10 favourite drams under £50


While the sales period is currently in full swing around here – summer-style neon swimsuits and inelegant wedge sandals shamelessly colonising retail shelves – I thought it was high time for me to write this long-overdue piece (I received countless messages on social media asking me for my favourite “not-too-expensive” whiskies, and trust me the choice is highly difficult – Yes, I know a lot …

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My June Whisky Wishlist


Time is seriously flying… I can’t believe we’re almost approaching Summer and I haven’t had time to start watching Outlander new season yet (I feel like I’m talking way too much about TV shows around here lately… )! So, beside trying to get all my work done in due time (and comparing 154878 types of blenders on Amazon so that I’ll have my smoothie breakfasts …

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Those statements whisky enthusiasts shouldn’t hear anymore


Sometimes, it happens that when talking whisky with a total beginner person you met at a random event or a more connoisseur friend, he/she pronounces some words that make you want to leave the place straight away and go hide yourself deep under a blanket with your purring cat, eating heartwarming chocolate cookies. I still decided to compile those dangerous phrases in an article, probably …

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