black mountain whisky

Weekly Whisky News Round-up


Black Mountain launches competition to name its matured-at-sea edition After spending 6 months at sea between France and England to experiment sea maturation, a barrel of Black Mountain N°2 was brought back to France last October and is now awaiting its bottling. The Black Mountain chaps are now offering people the chance to find a name for this future limited edition through a competition on …

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Black Mountain: when Whisky meets Armagnac


I had the chance to pay a quick visit to the Black Mountain Whisky guys earlier this week (not sure if that makes up for the Scottish trip I had planned last weekend and sadly had to postpone but hey… ) far deep into the Gers region (Southwest France for those who may not be very familiar with French geography ;)), for a morning warehouse …

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French Whisky Black Mountain to experience sea maturation


French whisky Black Mountain to partner with sail transport company TOWT  (TransOceanic Wind Transport) for a one-of-a-kind sea maturation experience. Departing from the banks of Bordeaux right a month ago (May 2) on board of an old tuna seiner called « La Nébuleuse » and sailing from Northern Brittany to Bordeaux, the Black Mountain N°2 cask will then be transshipped in Dourdenez on the magnificient « Grayhound …

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