best whisky 2018

WWA 2018 Results: World Whisky celebrated !


It’s this time of the year again, when all the crème de la crème of the whisky industry gathers in London for an evening of food, drinks and awards speeches ! I was fortunate enough to be amongst the judges of the WWW18, and I’m quite happy to see we put the World Whisky category at center stage this year 😀 [Although, I would have …

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There’s no “best whisky in the world”


It’s this time of the year again when the whole whisky world is getting excited or deeply annoyed by one man proclaiming this or that whisky is supposedly the “best in the world” in a so-called “bible”. You know what ? I’ve never been into religion. No worries guys if you can’t put your hands on this new must-have whisk(e)y, new awards and titles of …

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