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I recently tried the Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish, a limited edition rye whiskey that has been finished for at least 11 months in Calvados casks. The whiskey is a blend of MGP’s 95% rye and 51% rye mashes, and is bottled at 50.6% ABV. The Calvados casks used for the finish are sourced from France and add a unique flavor profile to the whiskey.

Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish Overview

Product History

Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish is a limited edition rye whiskey that was released by Sagamore Spirit, a whiskey distillery based in Baltimore, Maryland. The whiskey is a blend of straight rye whiskies that have been finished in calvados barrels for a unique flavor profile. Calvados is a French apple brandy that is made in the Normandy region of France.

Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish is the latest addition to Sagamore Spirit’s award-winning line of limited edition releases. The whiskey was released in 2020 and has quickly gained popularity among whiskey enthusiasts.

Price Range

Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish is priced at $69 for a 750mL bottle. The price is in line with other limited edition releases from Sagamore Spirit and is considered to be a premium whiskey.

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Tasting Notes


The Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish has a unique aroma that is both sweet and fruity. The scent of pears is the most prominent, and it is complemented by a licorice sweetness that comes from the high-rye mash bill. There are also hints of vanilla and oak that round out the aroma profile.


The flavor of this whiskey is just as complex as its aroma. The initial taste is sweet, with notes of honey and caramel. As the whiskey sits on the tongue, the flavors of pear and apple become more pronounced, along with a subtle hint of cinnamon. The high-rye mash bill also adds a spicy kick to the flavor profile, which is balanced out by the sweetness of the Calvados finish.


The finish of the Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish is long and smooth, with a subtle warmth that lingers on the tongue. The flavors of oak and vanilla become more prominent during the finish, along with a hint of black pepper. The finish is well-balanced, with neither the sweetness nor the spiciness overpowering each other.


I would rate the Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish as an excellent whiskey and give it a 9 out of 10. The unique combination of flavors and aromas makes it stand out from other rye whiskeys, and the Calvados finish adds an extra layer of complexity that is both interesting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this whiskey to anyone who is looking for something new and exciting to try.

Mixing and Pairing

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Best Mixers

When it comes to mixing Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish, I recommend keeping it simple. This whiskey has a unique and complex flavor profile that can easily be overpowered by strong mixers. Stick to light mixers that complement the apple brandy notes in the whiskey. Some good mixers to try include soda water, ginger ale, or apple cider.

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Cocktail Suggestions

If you’re looking to make a cocktail with Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish, there are a few recipes that I recommend. The first is a simple Calvados Sour. To make this cocktail, combine 2 ounces of Calvados Finish, 3/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice, and 1/2 ounce of simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lemon twist.

Another great cocktail to try is the Apple Cider Old Fashioned. To make this cocktail, combine 2 ounces of Calvados Finish, 1/2 ounce of apple cider, 1/2 ounce of maple syrup, and a dash of Angostura bitters in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with an apple slice and a cinnamon stick.

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Food Pairings

Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish pairs well with a variety of foods. The apple brandy notes in the whiskey make it a great match for pork dishes, such as roasted pork loin or grilled pork chops. It also pairs well with rich, creamy cheeses like brie or camembert.

For dessert, try pairing Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish with apple pie or a warm apple crisp. The apple notes in the whiskey will complement the flavors in the dessert and create a delicious, cohesive pairing.


The Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish is a unique and delicious rye whiskey that is definitely worth trying. The combination of the high-rye mash bill and the Calvados barrel finishing creates a complex and interesting flavor profile that is both sweet and spicy.

I particularly enjoyed the sweet and fruity nose of this whiskey, which is awash in pear and licorice notes. The medium body and tongue burn are well-balanced, and the finish is medium-long with a slightly bitter, dry aftertaste.

I highly recommend Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish to anyone who enjoys rye whiskey or is looking for something a little different. It’s a great addition to any whiskey collection and is sure to impress your friends and family.

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