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4 independent whisky bottlers to watch out!


Alongside the rise of craft distilling and its countless micro-tiny-family-owned distilleries (still thinking of installing a pot still in my basement to enter the market – my mother use to make tasty homemade marmalades, I could totally sale my future juice as a recipe inherited from my ancestors’ love of fine gastronomy and traditions…), independent bottlers are also spreading the whisky world, scrupulously sourcing and …

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I tried Time&Oak Whiskey Elements !


Known as one of today’s most accessible Scotch, Monkey Shoulder is blended from a trio of premium Speyside single malts – Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Kininvie. Tasting Notes before adding the whiskey element (The Whiskey Jug) : NOSE Big complex orchard and tropical fruit followed by malty sweetness, red licorice a bit of spice and caramel. The fruit is fantastic, but beyond the rich fruit notes things …

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Great Value Drams : Glendalough 7 Years


As explained on Glendalough’s official website: “The 7 seas bridge 7 continents that some say were made in 7 days. Even the light we see them in splits into 7. It’s the world’s favourite number and some say, a lucky one. But that’s not why we’ve realesed the first of our single malts as a 7 year old. Here at the Glendalough Distillery, we’re not …

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7 Questions For Tobias Gorn


For this second episode of my recently-launched “7 questions for…” series (remember, we were talking whisky & chocolate last week!), I wanted to introduce you to a very special company, working in my first area of expertise (kidding, completing a degree doesn’t make me an expert at all, but hey, please let me think diplomas matter… At least just a little bit ? No ? …

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Your First-ever Whisky & Cat Pairing Session


I just spent a few days without my beloved fluffy cat that I’m already developing the symtoms of a severe lack-of-cuddling-and-petting-sessions condition (go straight to your therapist if you start experiencing some serious blackouts – it’s probably due to drug withdrawal, and cats definitely are one of the hardest). Trying to heal my emotional wounds, I thought I could pay some sort of tribute to …

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My August Whisky Wishlist


Oh boy, time is flying! Poor-quality-beer-fuelled celebrations are in full swing in the whole southwestern area of France since a few weeks, and I didn’t even find enough time to put my white pants on and hit the smelly streets of any Basque country small-size town. Or maybe I’m just getting old and too snob to dance to mainstream electro beats anymore while trying not …

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7 questions for Matthieu de Gottal


While spending some time in England earlier this year, I had the chance to quench my thirst for great chocolate & spirits with the wonderful creations from Matthieu de Gottal, the Willy Wonka of the Cotswolds! Naturally, when I thought about this new “7 questions for…” series, Matthieu came to mind to inaugurate those new spirited interviews, aiming at introducing you to different whisky-related talents …

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Weekly Review : Hyde Irish Whiskey 10YRS


Stuart McNamara, founder & editor at, explains that Hyde Whiskey in Skibereen is actually a new Irish whiskey venture and is not to be confused with any other whiskey companies in West Cork. In common with most new Irish Whiskey Start Ups, their initial release is based on a high quality offering that Hyde have worked their magic on from an established distillery. In …

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Great Value Drams : Green Spot Irish Whiskey


In 1805, William Mitchell purchased no.10 Grafton Street and set up a bakery and confectionary business. In 1887, Robert Mitchell, a gentleman of not inconsiderable business acumen, expanded the business into whiskey bonding, moving shortly thereafter to new premises around the corner to No.21 Kildare Street. The family first commenced retailing the venerable Green Spot whiskey in 1933 at which time one could purchase “John …

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