Top 10 Friendly Liquor Stores for Bourbon Lovers

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Ancient Age 8 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

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Little Book Chapter 4 Blended Whiskey Review

thewhiskylady - 2023-08-18
Top 10 Friendly Liquor Stores for Bourbon Lovers
Ancient Age 8 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review:
Little Book Chapter 4 Blended Whiskey Review

I recently got the chance to explore Little Book Chapter 4 blended whiskey, and I must say, it is a fascinating offering in the bourbon world. This unique blend is the brainchild of Freddie Noe, the eighth-generation Beam family distiller, who crafted this whiskey as a tribute to his family’s storied history in the industry. It is called “Lessons Honored” and features a blend of three distinct whiskeys, showcasing an innovative and well-composed mix.

As I delved into the details, I found that Chapter 4 consists of a four-year-old Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon, an eight-year-old Kentucky straight high rye whiskey, and a seven-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The brown rice bourbon is of particular interest, as it represents Noe’s first solo distillation project, and it makes up a majority of the blend. This whiskey is bottled at cask strength, 122.8 proof, and is a bit of a splurge, with a retail price around $125.

Although reviews are mixed, many appreciate the complexity of flavors – from heavy cinnamon to baking spice, old oak, and dark brown sugar. Despite some finding it a bit scattered in its taste composition, whiskey enthusiasts and collectors may still enjoy trying this rare and unconventional blend for themselves.

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Little Book Chapter 4 Blended Whiskey Overview

Product History

As a whiskey enthusiast, I’ve been following the Little Book series since its inception. Chapter 4, also known as “Lessons Honored,” is a special blend created by Freddie Noe, the grandson of legendary Master Distiller Fred Noe. This blended whiskey pays homage to the three generations of the Beam family’s master distillers, including Jim Beam himself.

Little Book Chapter 4 is part of Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, which features limited quantities of unique whiskey blends. The collection allows Freddie to experiment with different flavors and techniques, resulting in some truly distinctive whiskeys.

Price Range

When it comes to the price, I found that Little Book Chapter 4 is typically sold at an MSRP of $125. Since it’s a limited-release blend, prices may vary depending on the availability and demand. Remember that this 122.8 proof (61.4% ABV) blended whiskey is crafted in small batches, so it’s wise to grab a bottle when you have the chance.

Tasting Notes


The nose of the Little Book Chapter 4 blended whiskey captivated me with its sweet elements. I detected enticing notes of vanilla and caramel, underpinned by a subtle hint of apple and oak. It felt like a promising invitation to explore the depth of this whiskey further.


Upon sipping the whiskey, I was welcomed by the rich flavors melding together in harmony. The blend consists of brown rice bourbon, high rye, and Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, which gives it a unique character. The sweetness of caramel and honey is well-balanced by the boldness of cinnamon and brown sugar. Touches of butterscotch and orange peel add a sophisticated dimension to its taste.


The finish of Little Book Chapter 4 is an exquisite blend of spice and warmth. With a 122.8 proof rating, it possesses an uncut and unfiltered nature that grants the palate a sincere, unadulterated experience. The Kentucky bourbon culminates in a pleasing heat, accompanied by a peppery sensation from the high rye content. Subtle notes of black pepper and oak linger on, leaving a mild, dry aftertaste.


As a fan of Beam Suntory’s Knob Creek and other American whiskey brands, I genuinely appreciate the blending expertise this whiskey demonstrates. In terms of honesty and integrity, Little Book Chapter 4 scores high points from me. I would rate it 9 out of 10.

Mixing and Pairing

Best Mixers

Even though Little Book Chapter 4 has a bold flavor profile due to its mix of Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon, high rye whiskey, and regular bourbon whiskey, it can still benefit from a careful selection of mixers. Here are a few of my favorite mixers to pair with this cask strength whiskey:

  • Water: Adding a few drops of water can help open up the flavors and make the higher proof (around 122.8) more approachable.
  • Ice: Adding ice will mellow out the palate and makes it easier to sip.
  • Ginger ale: A splash of ginger ale complements the whiskey’s caramel and roasted flavors without overpowering its distinct profile.

Cocktail Suggestions

Old Fashionedphoto credit:

Little Book Chapter 4 can be enjoyed in a variety of cocktails. Here are two suggestions that I find bring out the best in this unique whiskey:

  1. Old Fashioned: The classic Old Fashioned provides the perfect backdrop to showcase Little Book Chapter 4’s interesting flavor blend. Use simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and a twist of orange peel to accentuate the whiskey’s caramel, apple, and citrus notes.
  2. Whiskey Sour: The Whiskey Sour’s combination of lemon, simple syrup, and egg white creates a delightful contrast with Little Book Chapter 4’s earthy and spicy characteristics. The result is a balanced and flavorful cocktail.

Food Pairings

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When it comes to food pairings, I like to consider the prominent flavors in Little Book Chapter 4. Here are some dishes that I believe complement this whiskey quite well:

  • Smoked meats: The rich and earthy notes in the whiskey pair beautifully with smoked meats like brisket, pulled pork, or bacon-wrapped scallops.
  • Sharp cheeses: Aged cheddar or smoked gouda can accentuate the whiskey’s caramel and toasted vanilla undertones.
  • Dark chocolate desserts: Dark chocolate fondant or molten lava cake can create a harmonious balance with the whiskey’s complex palate, enhancing its sweet and fruity elements.


My experience with Little Book Chapter 4, aptly named “Lessons Honored,” has been an intriguing one. This limited edition, cask-strength whiskey boasts a 122.8 proof and offers a unique blend with its inclusion of brown rice.

Aged to perfection and crafted by Booker Noe’s grandson, Little Book Chapter 4 showcases the passion and dedication of the Noe family. The balance of heat and flavor in the whiskey is quite impressive, though airing-out in the glass helps tame its potency.

What I enjoyed the most was the array of flavors this whiskey has to offer. The lingering cinnamon, spicy red pepper, and damp oak notes create a delightful sensory experience, and the earthy ginseng/root undertones set this whiskey apart from others in the market.

In this “Lessons Honored” release, it’s clear that the Noe family aims to uphold the values of honesty and integrity. So, if you’re looking for a unique, limited-edition rye whiskey that shines in both quality and character, Little Book Chapter 4 is definitely worth considering for your collection. Cheers!

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