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Irish & American whiskey join forces with new PrizeFight Whiskey

thewhiskylady - 2016-11-04

West Cork Distillers & Tamworth Distilling join forces around a new collaborative Irish Whiskey meant to debut this weekend in Dublin!

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In earlier times, Irishmen journeyed to America, where they forged their character with resolve and their fists. Each bottle tells the stories of the boxing legends who came with nothing and fought for everything. Prizefight is a collaborative Irish whiskey, distilled and aged in Ireland, and finished in American rye casks from Tamworth Distilling. The result is incredibly complex whiskey: a smooth and mellow spirit that packs a punch but never burns.

Pugilist Spirit’s Flor Prendergast wanted to create an Irish whiskey, so he called upon spirits maverick Steven Grasse, who came up with an idea for something new — a fine Irish whiskey finished in American rye casks. Making this idea a reality required collaboration between two craft distillers: one in Ireland, and the other in America. So, they reached out to West Cork Distilling to create the whiskey, and Grasse’s own distillery, Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire to arrange the finishing. Together, they produced a fresh, clean whiskey with fruit and floral notes that gets a hit of spice from the rye cask finish.

Inspired by the Irish-American connection, Grasse had the idea to call the whiskey Prizefight and use the brand to tell the incredible stories of the Irish who came to America and became the greatest fighters of their day. The bottle’s label immortalizes the fight between John Morrissey and Yankee Sullivan, which took place at Boston Corners, New York, on October 12, 1853. Two of the most famous Irish-born fighters of their day, both Morrissey and Sullivan ended up in New York, making their names in barroom brawls as well as well-publicized fights like this one, with over five thousand spectators.

The brand will debut at Whiskey Live on Saturday November 5th, , the first opportunity for whiskey lovers and the general public to sample the exciting new product. Prizefight Irish Whiskey will then be available in select bars and retailers in Dublin, as well as in an exclusive gift box at the Dublin Duty Free and selected independent off licenses.

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