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thewhiskylady - 2016-11-08

Deanston is celebrating its long history at the heart of its community, by launching a new packaging design which highlights its premium craftsmanship and community spirit.

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Recent consumer trends have shown a return to craft spirits and a growing demand for locally-made products. Deanston’s strongest attribute is that it offers truly authentic, hand-crafted malts made in small-batches from locally sourced ingredients only. The redesign captures this authenticity, increasing its appeal to savvy consumers seeking authentic brands with strong character and an interesting story to tell.

Deanston was once a cotton mill at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution and at the centre of its community. Heavily influenced by its past, Deanston Distillery’s close-knit team of craftsmen produce its single malt range using traditional equipment and methods, barley from local farmers and soft water from the River Teith. Deanston’s happy situation on the banks of the river has also allowed it to become Scotland’s only distillery to produce all of its own electricity using hydro power.

The main changes to the packaging are the introduction of a bespoke bottle and capsule, which includes an embossing of a replica coin representing the currency used by the employees of the cotton mill in the 18th century. Deanston’s community roots and handcrafted identity have been further enhanced with signatures from key members of the distillery team, as well as a ‘stamp effect’ to highlight its small-batch production. Each element of the new packaging plays a part in telling the distillery’s unique and endearing story.


By promoting the craftsmanship of the single malt and embodying its “Spirit of Community”, Deanston aims to share its distinguished story with consumers and set itself apart from competitors.

Carina Gous, Distell said: Deanston has a unique tale to tell and the redesign not only highlights this but also the craftsmanship and quality of the Single Malt.

“The original mill was at the heart of the community and this remains the case for the distillery. The bespoke packaging creates a lasting legacy for the generations of people who have worked at both the mill and the distillery, paying tribute to the community who have helped make Deanston what it is today.”

Deanston whiskies are renowned for their distinctive fresh, honeyed sweetness. The Deanston range includes Deanston Virgin Oak, Deanston 12-Year-Old and other exceptional limited edition single malts.

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