5 Whisky News That Made My Week! #4

thewhiskylady - 2016-03-04

Weekly Review: Borders Single Grain – R&B Distillers

thewhiskylady - 2016-03-07

The unusual pairing: Match your whisky with 2016 oscar-winning movies

thewhiskylady - 2016-03-05

After we all cried tears of joy during the latest Oscar ceremony when Leonardo Dicaprio finally got his statue and seized the occasion to defend our beloved planet Earth (yes, perfection now has a name and it’s Leonardo… Lesson #12 of my “How to be genuinely subjective in 100 lessons” guide – soon at your local bookstore), I thought it could be interesting funny and completely random to come up with this “unusual pairing” article (remember, I already paired whisky with cats and rock classics in the past…), trying to match oscar-winning movies with their malted soulmates. Here are therefore the 6 combinations I came up with [Sorry I couldn’t find anything to pair with Room and Spotlight though].



Because it’s pure obviousness. And as I haven’t seen the movie, I can only rely on its title…

llllll oscar2

Because it’s all classy, dark and refined like the latest Jambes Bond adventures.

llllll oscar3

Because there’s a whole bunch of conflicting emotions in those two.

llllll oscar4

Because it’s spicy and full of character – If Tarantino had to design a whiskey it would be Pikesville.

llllll oscar5

Because people thought they were both dead but surprisingly came back in fierce and glory.

llllll oscar6

Because they are both technical and visual gems boasting soughtafter style and content.


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