What’s on my January Whisky Wishlist ?


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Etsy selection of whisky-inspired objects to decorate your home sweet home


Scotch whisky barrel mobile phone holdersold by RantandStave (UK)

Scotch Whisky Barrel Mobile Phone Holder - PERSONALISED
“Upcycled vintage oak mobile phone holder made from Scotch whisky barrels, from the heart of Speyside.

The vintage oak has been handcrafted and will vary slightly in colourings, size etc. The oak is approximately 1 inch thick and good quality. ”

Whisky and lime beer soap – Vegan
sold by SoapDreams (Oregon – USA)

Whisky & Lime Beer Soap - Vegan - Handmade Soap 
“Nice strong whisky scent with thick lime chunks. All of our soap recipes are vegan and handmade using raw ingredients (never any bases).
We use light beer in all of our scented soaps, which gives you a great lather and a wonderfully moisturizing soap while still allowing the scent of the ingredients to come through.
Each bar weighs 6+ ounces.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, Portal Brewing Co. Beer, sodium hydroxide, fragrance oil, pigment, lime essential oil.”

Oak whisky barrel stave desk clock
sold by RantandStave (UK)

Oak Whisky Barrel Stave Desk Clock

“Desk clock made from used whisky barrel staves that have been cleaned, sanded and oiled, ready for displaying on your favourite mantel or desk. Each piece of stave will be uniquely different and you will receive one similar to that in the photos.
Good quality quartz movement, battery can be changed. Freestanding.

Measures 160 x 100mm and approx. 1 inch thick oak.

Lovingly handcrafted from used whisky barrels from the heart of Speyside, Scotland.”

Kentucky Bourbon soil candle 
Sold by TheDispari (USA)

Kentucky Bourbon Soy Candle - Hand Poured & Crafted

 “About the Scent:
Indulge yourself with this best seller! Wrap yourself up with a glass of sophistication with this Kentucky Bourbon Scent. This candle combines various scents to craft the perfect formula and fragrance of Kentucky Bourbon. Fruity, woody with vanilla and a touch of musk. It’s an amazing scent that brings the bluegrass home!”
Whisky bar mop towel
sold by HummingbirdFactory (USA)

“Charming and useful.
Soft, lightweight, absorbent 100% cotton floursack towel
Towel measures 28” x 29” (roughly square), design measures 6″ across, centered near edge
Ink has been heat-set, so feel free to launder this dishtowel, just don’t use bleach.”
Whisky map of Scotland frame
sold by BonnieBlackbird (UK)
Whisky Map Of Distillery Regions In Scotland Print
“A contemporary and stylish print of the Scottish whisky regions and distilleries.

The ideal gift to give any passionate whisky lover.

This modern print of Scotland takes whisky lovers on a journey through the rich cultural heritage of Scotch whisky. Showcasing a selection of the finest distilleries of single malts from the six famous Whisky regions; the Highlands, Lowlands, Islay, Campbeltown, Speyside and the Islands.

Each region is known for their own unique tastes, whether they are smoky, peaty or smooth. A colour coded key helps to distinguish each region and it’s renowned flavour.”

Bourbon whiskey barrel coasters
Sold by HungarianWorkshop (USA)

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Coasters (black, natural oak, brown, green, aluminum, square)
“These coasters are made from old & used Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. The outer part side will occasionally feature the distillery’s name, dates, type of bourbon or any additional markings left behind from the cooper. The inner part side is the charred black look that all Bourbon Whiskey barrels have to go through before getting filled.
The coasters have an exterior aluminum edging which is made from scrap material found in a metal yards.”
Oak Bourbon barrel mug
Sold by Themanregistry (USA)
 “On the hunt for a unique gift for a bourbon or whiskey lover? We’re biased, but we think you should look no further than our beautiful wood mug that’s handcrafted from an authentic American Oak Bourbon Barrel.”

Bourbon barrel end tables
Sold by HungarianWorkshop (USA)

The “Snap” Wine & Bourbon Barrel End Tables (Red, Burgundy, Black, Oak, Round Tables)
“The “Snap” Wine & Bourbon Barrel End Tables were designed to maximize our material usage and minimize waste. With barrel tops and hoops towering over our heads, our goal was to create a functional and practical item which we can market to wide variety of costumers. The simplicity and expenditure of these tables are their huge selling point to anyone who would love to own a reclaimed and Eco friendly piece.”


Which one is your favourite ?