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Whiskey flasks made from video game cartridges


Last time, while I was once again wandering through the great world wide web, I mysteriously found myself on Ink Whiskey’s website. I must admit I’m not a keen gamer – at all – (barely played Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon on Playstation 1 when I was a teen – and I su**ed at it…) but as my boyfriend can spend hours shooting people …

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Etsy selection of whisky-inspired objects to decorate your home sweet home


Scotch whisky barrel mobile phone holdersold by RantandStave (UK) “Upcycled vintage oak mobile phone holder made from Scotch whisky barrels, from the heart of Speyside. The vintage oak has been handcrafted and will vary slightly in colourings, size etc. The oak is approximately 1 inch thick and good quality. ” Whisky and lime beer soap – Vegan sold by SoapDreams (Oregon – USA)   “Nice …

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