In Pictures: A Whisky Journey Around Speyside


While attending the first edition of Spirit of Speyside Distilled last weekend in Elgin, I couldn’t resist embarking on another Speyside whisky-themed journey, stopping for some malted visits at Strathisla (THE most picturesque/iconic Pagoda-styled Scottish distillery to me), Cardhu and Aberlour that day, but also enjoying some time off the festival around the mythic River Spey & Elgin Cathedral. And once again, Speyside won me …

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Inside The World’s Largest Scotch Whisky Collection


In the 1970’s, Claive Vidiz, a whisky enthusiast in Sao Paulo, Brazil and founder member of the Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors, started to seek out and purchase Scotch whisky of varying type, cost and rarity. He amassed almost 3,500 bottles over 35 years. In October 2006 The Collection was purchased by Scotch whisky distiller, Diageo. When Diageo brought the Claive Vidiz Collection home to …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Glasgow?


‘Morning my little drammers! It’s been way-too-long since I last came up with one of my “where to enjoy a good dram in…” piece, and I actually even realised that I never featured Glasgow in this series… Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. But hey, it’s high time I rectify this mistake and provide you with a personal shortlist of my favourite …

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In Pictures: inside Brewdog HQ and the new Lone Wolf Distillery


Hey little sippers! Did you know that the world-famous provocative beer chaps of Brewdog are in the process of releasing some spirits of their own? And those highly-anticipated spirits will be produced in their newly-built Lone Wolf Distillery, located in their Ellon HQ. Yes… They basically removed a part of the roof from the stocking area of their brewery N°1 to set up some pretty …

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In Pictures: Visiting the Drygate Brewery – Glasgow


Sorry guys, it can’t always be about whisky around here… [if in the next couple of hours I notice a significant drop in my Twitter followers – I’ll blame myself ;)] – but as you know, the beer making process is somehow very close to the first steps of whisky production – only adding hops to the magical 3-ingredients cocktail of whisky: water-cereal-yeast aka the …

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Bristol Food&Drink Tour: InstaSummary


I got to spend the last couple of a days diving into Bristol’s Food & Drink scene – discovering delicious restaurants, tasty local beers, secret cocktail places, refreshing ciders and of course… A few whisky hotspots and even a distillery! Before I go into more details (stay tuned little drammers… Bristol Drinking City Guide coming soon!) – here’s a small InstaSummary of my visit to …

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Whisky Tourism: a sunny day on Islay


I spent my past few days sunbathing and perfecting my almost-non-existant tan (the burden of being blond…) poolside in my hometown of… Wait, no need to name it, it’s not like someone’s gonna read this and say “waow, I know this place, it’s wonderful!”, let’s not fool ourselves… Anyway – with those current sunny vibes, I thought it was a good time to share with …

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The Station Hotel: the ultimate Speyside base for whisky lovers


“The Perfect Base From Which To Explore Speyside” With an expert blend of tradition and modern luxury, the boutique Station Hotel in Rothes is the perfect base from which to explore Speyside: world-famous whisky country. Each distillery has its own unique heritage and story, something that stands it apart. And The Station Hotel is no different. Following extensive restoration by Richard and Heather Forsyth (now you …

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Islay takeover: visiting The Laphroaig Distillery


After some last-minute changes in our travel plans (Let’s put it like that and not mention we actually did miss our flight because my finally-not-so-perfect-everyday boyfriend forgot his passport – needless to say there’s only one flight a week to Glasgow from our tiny French airport and we had to fly to London, rent a car there and drive all the way to Scotland – …

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