2016: 5 Things That Made My Whisky Self Go Yay!


2016 was quite an hectic year for the whisky world, and while many (MANY) things made my whisky-loving self go “:o :/ :'(” this year (Minimum Pricing, Clichés about Millennials, Brexit, endless NAS/Gender debates…), some other things made 2016 a really fruitful malted year, and here are my top 7 \o/ moments! Compass Box Transparency Campaign (quickly backed by Bruichladdich), launched early 2016 was probably …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Give NAS Whiskies A Chance


Let’s put it like that: if America dared to elect a blond-haired-political newbie as president, there’s no reason why you couldn’t dare trying out those NAS whiskies you’ve been despising for so long, just because they took the risk to drop the all-mighty age statement.  Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here: NAS whiskies refer to “Non Age Statement” whiskies, you …

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Why I Don’t Rate The Whiskies I Review


Grades are basically everywhere those days: from restaurants to taxi drivers, we’re always encouraged to rate every experience, every new product put to the terrible test of our ever-demanding taste buds … And whisky is no exception to the rule. Many – if not all – reviews you’ll read in blogs, magazines, books etc. often comprise this xx/100 grade. I’ve chosen not to rate the …

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A Whisky Lover’s Thoughts: to geek or not to geek?


While British citizens are currently asking themselves if they want in or out, I have another question to ask today (which may not need a referendum but still…): to geek or not to geek? Let me try to explain (hey, this article has been classified in the “thoughts” category so please be warned that my thoughts aren’t always very clear in my own mind – …

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