whisky school

You can now pass a whisky diploma… Online !


Pioneers of accredited and independent whisky education, Edinburgh Whisky Academy have unveiled a range of new courses for 2018, building on its hugely popular Diploma in Single Malt Whisky. “First to go live is the brand new online Introduction to Whisky Certificate which provides insight into the fundamentals of whisky. Complied by industry experts, this course is fully flexible and accessible requiring around 10 hours …

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Did you know you could own a Scotch Whisky diploma?


The Edinburgh Whisky Academy is a new centre of learning launched to fill a vital gap in Scotch whisky education. Diplomas are said to offer participants the chance to gain a professional qualification that is fully accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. “They are brand-neutral, in-depth and, quite simply, one of a kind”. I talked to founder, managing director and fellow whisky lady Kirsty McKerrow …

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