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A chat with Þoran Icelandic Whisky’s founder


The Þoran project has been the dream of many, but the ambition of a select few. A self-confessed Scotch lover, Birgir, enlisted the help of two acquaintances with similar drive and vision, Bergþóra Aradóttir and Jóhannes Valberg, to officially set up the distillery in 2013, in the outskirts of Reykjavik (the Icelandic capital city). It was a move that had been years in the pipeline, …

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3 Alternative Whisky Destinations To Visit In 2016


Famous for its stunning beauty of snow capped mountains, tranquil forest and sweeping green vistas – it comes as no surprise that New Zealand has some of the purest air and water on earth. With the exceptional natural resources and a history of distillation, New Zealand is the perfect setting for producing world class whisky. Indeed, the South Island of New Zealand has a long …

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