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In Pictures: The Blackening at Speyside Cooperage


Another episode of my Spirit of Speyside 2016 “in pictures” summaries – bringing you today to the Speyside Cooperage (Craigellachie – Moray) where we had the immense honour to witness a very rare ceremony : the blackening of two new coopers who completed their four years of apprenticeship and were then covered with flour, treacle, feathers and other dirty stuff by their colleagues.  Ending up in the …

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In pictures: Grant’s Blending Lab during Spirit of Speyside


I know it’s a bit late (but hey, it’s never too late when we’re talking whisky right?) but here’s a pic-summary of the Grant’s blending lab session I enjoyed during this year Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival – hosted by Grant’s global brand ambassador at the Glenfiddich Distillery: a wonderful setting, some wonderful people and… A not-that-wonderful blend created (my bad, still don’t master the …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Spirit of Speyside Next Year


1 –> Indulge in some great drams: Of course, that comes with no surprise, the number one reason why you ABSOLUTELY need to attend next year’ edition of Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is the liquid offer – and I’m not talking about the Scottish rain here… Speyside is home to more than half of all Scottish distilleries: from recent ones like Ballindaloch to old gems …

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Spirit of Speyside: 5 senses – 5 Highlights


As you may have noticed reading my social media updates lately, I had the chance to attend the 2016 edition of the famous Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, which was a very first time for me ! And this year’ SOSWF surely didn’t disappoint… AT ALL ! I first wanted to provide you with a proper « day by day » diary of my festival experience but I finally …

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