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Those statements whisky enthusiasts shouldn’t hear anymore


Sometimes, it happens that when talking whisky with a total beginner person you met at a random event or a more connoisseur friend, he/she pronounces some words that make you want to leave the place straight away and go hide yourself deep under a blanket with your purring cat, eating heartwarming chocolate cookies. I still decided to compile those dangerous phrases in an article, probably …

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8 differences between Whisky Enthusiasts and The Rest of The World


1. You’re the human proof social media are not teenage-only platforms. Indeed, you – surprisingly – reverse common knowledge and Twitter statistics with a followers base composed of nearly 60% to 80% 45+ year-old chaps from Minnesota. 2. Your all time idoles don’t sing half naked in a reconstituted jungle (or totally naked on construction site equipments). They can even show a well thought-after mustache, …

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