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Where to enjoy a good dram in Mallorca


As you may have noticed, I had the chance to spend my Birthday weekend in sunny Mallorca. Amongst breath-taking scenery, winding mountain roads that could nearly get you killed each time you meet other vehicles, turquoise not-that-wild creeks and other greasy pintxos, Mallorca hosts an incredible number of watering holes (not only offering 484824-meters shot lines for the common bachelor-party-kind-of-tourist and its clubber counterpart). Here’s …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Paris ?


I’ve been asked countless times for whisky-related travel tips in Paris and always came up with a few addresses I had vaguely heard about. After receiving other messages of this kind last week, I finally decided to really look into it and write a proper article on this matter. I don’t live in Paris, I never lived in Paris and I surely don’t wanna live …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Birmingham (UK) ?


I usually tend to introduce you to a selection of at least 2 whisky spots in this – now recurrent – column of “Where to enjoy a good dram in…”, but as I only spent 2 days in Birmingham (including one day away in the Cotswolds), I didn’t visit much whisky hotspots in the second largest English city. However, I did push the doors of …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Prague ?


What’s better to fight the winter cold than indulging in a warm whisky tasting after a long day walking down the paved streets of Prague ? Following my previous article introducing you to Czech whisky, I couldn’t miss the chance to highly recommend 2 perfect whisky spots to stop by for an evening tipple.   1. La Whiskeria  Only a few hundreds meters from the …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Stockholm ?


1. The Ardbeg Embassy Compared to other bars listed below, the Ardbeg Embassy doesn’t possess a very large whisky choice but the place itself is worth the visit. Set within the narrow streets of the charming medieval old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, the Embassy offers great Swedish food (Reindeer carpaccio on the menu for meat aficionados) and a wide range of beers. The atmosphere …

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Whisky tourism : 3 distilleries where you can stay overnight


For those you want to experience a genuine whisky experience, sleeping within (or very very close to) a distillery is a real must. Here is a selection of 3 whisky distilleries which offer the possibility to stay overnight and discover the wonderful world of uisge beatha ! 1. Ireland : The Bushmills Inn Bushmills Inn Hotel & Restaurant is a former coaching inn dating back …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Dubaï ?


As some of you may have noticed reading my Facebook and Twitter updates, I was off to Middle East for a couple of days over the Christmas period. Before leaving, I asked some of my whisky buddies if they had heard of any great place in Dubaï to enjoy a good dram but unfortunately the blingbling paradise didn’t seem like a whisky-friendly place.   I …

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