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Better than visiting a Scotch distillery? Sleeping over!


Forget about just stopping by for a one-hour express tour: spend the night at your favourite distillery! Here’s a list of 5 Scotch Whisky Distilleries that also offer on-site (or VERY nearby) accommodation! Bowmore Cottages Bowmore Distillery Cottages encapsulate Islay at its beautiful, peaceful, traditional best. Bowmore Self-catering cottages really offers a unique experienceย to stay at the heart of one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. There …

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An inside look into The Glengoyne Distillery


Willing to escape Glasgow and its buzzing city life for the afternoon, we couldn’t go far more than a few miles away… ย Choices that day comprised a country escape to Balloch for a picturesque pokemon-catching walk or… A malted getaway to one of Glasgow’s closest distilleries: Glengoyne (still legally classified as an Highland distillery). No need to mention what we finally went for. Glengoyne offers …

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Whisky Tourism: a sunny day on Islay


I spent my past few days sunbathing and perfecting my almost-non-existant tan (the burden of being blond…) poolside in my hometown of… Wait, no need to name it, it’s not like someone’s gonna read this and say “waow, I know this place, it’s wonderful!”, let’s not fool ourselves… Anyway – with those current sunny vibes, I thought it was a good time to share with …

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