french whisky

Where to enjoy a good dram in Paris ?


I’ve been asked countless times for whisky-related travel tips in Paris and always came up with a few addresses I had vaguely heard about. After receiving other messages of this kind last week, I finally decided to really look into it and write a proper article on this matter. I don’t live in Paris, I never lived in Paris and I surely don’t wanna live …

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3 French-style whisky combinations


1. Mackmyra Bruks Whisky & Foie Gras “The bouquet is fresh, light and crisp with intriguing notes that immediately astound – creamy vanilla, citrus, orange peel, manuka honey, fragrant flowers, pot pouri, sweet tree sap, warm baklava with nuts and honey, raspberry and milk bottle lollies, perfumed soaps, mild licorice, incense and hints of smoke. On the palate the whisky is extraordinarily balanced and offers …

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My April Whisky Wishlist


Not an April fool today (would be too obvious…) but my monthly spirited wishlist ! It was actually quite hard to come up with this shortlist this month, so many great products that I’m craving to count on my whisky shelves, but my reasonable side fought a bloody battle against its devil consumer counterpart and I finally pulled myself together and managed to stick to …

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French entrepreneurs to tackle whisky stereotypes


I was once again indulging in my usual digital hike when I had the pleasure to come across Private Whisky Society, a French whisky tasting company that directly comes to you, so that you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your home. A rather simple concept runned by two friendly entrepreneurs, Guillaume and Alexis, who seem to really enjoy sharing their knowledge …

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My March whisky wishlist


Hey whisky buddies, it’s already time for this month’ whisky wishlist ! You may now know that my student monthly income doesn’t allow me to purchase all the liquid wonders I’d like, but as I still think that one of my relatives will one day end up on this blog and come accross those lists I lovingly put together thinking “well, this will make a …

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Black Mountain, a French social blend


   As part of my promotional campaign trying to recruit members for this new local whisky club that I’m currently creating (ppsssst! Join us !), I happened to pop in a wee shop specialised in French and Belgian craft beers earlier today and came accross this black and white bottle featuring an Occitan cross and containing this welknown golden liquid… Whisky ! After a long …

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French Whisky : personal notes on the full range of Warenghem Distillery


As a typical little frog, I’m more than proud today to introduce you to one of our national whisky gems, here, in France : Warenghem Distillery. France has indeed a long history of distilling spirits, but until recently those were mostly made from fruits and herbs. Most people associate France with spirits like Cognac & Armagnac (made from grapes), calvados (made from apples) and pastis …

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What’s on my January Whisky Wishlist ?


Freezing temperatures hitting France, Christmas being already too far away, Blue Monday standing just behind us, DryJanuary still doing its great frustration job and all those new exciting announces from worldwide whisky brands, let’s face it : I NEED A DRAM ! (Sales period also not helping my online shopping frenzy…) But while on my way to place a pricey order on The Whisky Exchange, I realised I was still a …

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