brewery tour

In Pictures: inside Brewdog HQ and the new Lone Wolf Distillery


Hey little sippers! Did you know that the world-famous provocative beer chaps of Brewdog are in the process of releasing some spirits of their own? And those highly-anticipated spirits will be produced in their newly-built Lone Wolf Distillery, located in their Ellon HQ. Yes… They basically removed a part of the roof from the stocking area of their brewery N°1 to set up some pretty …

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In Pictures: Visiting the Drygate Brewery – Glasgow


Sorry guys, it can’t always be about whisky around here… [if in the next couple of hours I notice a significant drop in my Twitter followers – I’ll blame myself ;)] – but as you know, the beer making process is somehow very close to the first steps of whisky production – only adding hops to the magical 3-ingredients cocktail of whisky: water-cereal-yeast aka the …

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