A chat with Lone Wolf Distillery (BrewDog) Master Distiller


Brewdog has recently unveiled its project of entering the spirits industry with the Lone Wolf Distillery – and as I was keen to know more about their plans, I started browsing the web for some information… Obviously landing on the official website to this statement: “We want to stretch the boundaries of what a distillery can do – and what a distillery should do. 

Starting …

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Interview: 7 Questions for the Israeli Distillery Milk & Honey


Pssst! This article is released under my partnership with The Craft Whisky Club, a new Scotland-based spirited start-up aiming at showcasing the best of what craft producers have to offer – delivering artisan spirits and delicacies straight to your doorstep! As you may already know, we have teamed up for a series of exclusive interviews and reviews and today, I decided to look into what’s …

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A chat with Edinburgh Whisky’s co-founders


In case you were still totally unfamiliar with it (don’t hide yourself, it can happen, some of us do have a life which doesn’t necessarily include daily hours curating whisky news), Edinburgh Whisky Ltd. is a privately-owned independent company, based in Scotland’s capital city, carrying on the age-old tradition of Edinburgh merchants who cannily sourced, blended, bottled then traded supreme Scotch whiskies all over the …

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The Craft Whisky Club Question: Does “Craft” Whisky Still Exist?


As you know, I’ve teamed up with Craft Whisky Club for a series of interview to showcase the talent of craft whisky workers, from business strategy angels to the crafts-people themselves that make the magic happen! Today, I decided to discuss the current state of the “craft” spirits industry with Daniel Szor, Founder and CEO at the Cotswolds Distillery [remember, we already discussed the rebirth …

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Interview: Find out more about Aberdeen-based famous Whisky Bar CASC


This “7 questions for…” series brings us to my favourite Aberdeen-based whisky & craft beer bar today (Remember, I already mentioned it here) – and as the venue is getting more and more popular amongst whisky enthusiats, cigar aficionados, coffee nuts and beer gurus, I thought it could be interesting to feature Paul West, founder and general manager, in this interview series to find out …

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A chat with East London Liquor Company’s whisky distiller


Located in the heart of the Capital’s old spirits industry, East London Liquor Company is an independent British distillery producing exceptional and innovative spirits. Originally a glue factory in Bow Wharf, East London Liquor Company found its home in the disused industrial space and repurposed the venue to create a custom-built distillery that produces and imports a range of small-batch spirits. The offering includes gins, …

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A chat with Þoran Icelandic Whisky’s founder


The Þoran project has been the dream of many, but the ambition of a select few. A self-confessed Scotch lover, Birgir, enlisted the help of two acquaintances with similar drive and vision, Bergþóra Aradóttir and Jóhannes Valberg, to officially set up the distillery in 2013, in the outskirts of Reykjavik (the Icelandic capital city). It was a move that had been years in the pipeline, …

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STARWARD Australian whisky: A look at Diageo’s latest investment


Distill Ventures, which is part of the Diageo group, said it was investing an unspecified sum in Melbourne-based Starward Whisky. This marks the second whisky investment for Distill, which was set up to back early-stage brands and help them grow. (more on “STARWARD began with a simple vision: offer the world a modern whisky unshackled from tradition. This whisky is the culmination of nine years of research …

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