7 Questions for Rens Defrenne from The Nectar


Since its opening in 2006, The Nectar has embarked in a quest for the best spirits to share with both consumers and professionals: whisky, rhum, cognac, armagnac, calvados, grappa… The Belgian company has become a real reference in the industry, distributing more than 2000 references as we speak, and even bottling some casks under its own label “nectar of the daily dram“ I wanted to …

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Women Who Whisky: Julie Trevisan Hunter (The Scotch Whisky Experience)


I am thrilled to introduce a brand new series on the blog for 2017 (yes, one more… I know what you think!), where I’ll be highlighting different “Women Who Whisky” and their views on the industry. What best way to kick off this series than catching-up with Julie Trevisan Hunter, Marketing Manager at the world-famous Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh and named Master of The …

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7 Questions for Box Distillery’s Manager Roger Melander


As Scandinavia, and especially Sweden is becoming a world-class whisky producing region – not only thanks to big players like Mackmyra but also via smaller craft distilleries spreading the territory – there’s a lot to learn – AND TASTE – when it comes to Swedish whisky. If French are said to be the N°1 whisky consumers in the world, Sweden is actually known for being …

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7 Questions for Ardnamurchan Distillery’s director Alex Bruce


Ardnamurchan is one of the UK’s great unspoiled wildernesses. Rugged, isolated and utterly wild, it juts into the Atlantic at the most westerly point of the British mainland. And this beautiful part of the world is also home to one of the most recently-built Scottish distilleries: Ardnamurchan Distillery, a project brought to life by the renowned whisky merchants of Adelphi. With spectacular coastline, breathtaking views …

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Sall Whisky: A new Nordic Distillery in the pipeline!


I recently came across another crowdfunding campaign for (yet again) a new craft distillery, I may have just shut the page like “Come’on I’m not putting one more $ on another business school project!” but then I read it ’til the end and my inner whisky-loving self (and also my world-whisky-fan self & I-love-everything-Scandinavian-so-much-I-Still-Don’t-Know-Why-I’m-Living-in-the-Southwest-of-France self) couldn’t just ignore it without noticing Sall Whisky was actually one …

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Talking Irish Whiskey with Jack Teeling


Today, as part of my partnership with The Craft Whisky Club, I chose to find out more about one of the newest members of the Irish whiskey landscape : Teeling Whiskey, distilling their magic in the very center of Dublin! Jack and Stephen Teeling have brought a new independent voice and style back to Dublin whiskey. With the revival of their family brand and the first new distillery …

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Exploring South-African Whisky with Master Distiller Andy Watts


After exploring Italian, French, Czech, Indian, Swedish and other exotic whisky countries, I’ve now decided to go have a look at what’s currently going on in South-Africa, a well-known territory when it comes to wine, but what about whisky? Andy Watts, Master Distiller at The James Sedgwick Distillery, agreed to answer a few questions and help me in my quest of malted knowledge! First of …

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A chat with Westland Distillery’s Master Distiller


Cover pic via Seattlemag First of all, could you please tell me a bit more about yourself: where do you come from, career background etc. And how did you end up working at Westland Distillery as a Master Distiller? I grew up south of Seattle, in Tacoma, Washington. I’ve always been fascinated by flavor, where it comes from and how to capture it. When I …

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